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Water mounts?



  • I wish they would just use these actions from FreeRealms since FreeRealms doesn't have a copyrighting rule to anything anymore and apply the actions to our Tera mounts. Like make them swim, walk and go backwards.

  • I mean they have the colors down with Sparky Raptor mount from FreeRealms, so why not?

  • Moonpelt wrote: »
    I mean they have the colors down with Sparky Raptor mount from FreeRealms, so why not?

    Ik very kid-ish game but hey it was a fun game, won't lie.
  • Whatever mount they do come out with, just please make it available as account bound and I'll buy it.
  • WaterDragon-MF02-EN-NPR-LE.jpg

    Pls gib i want pls
  • I think we have a turtle. Not sure if it's a tortoise tho. I can't differentiate them even in real.

    Sheldon is available he's considered a Kamara if I'm not mistaken, he's available when you get Revered with the Unified Theory Institute in Allamenthia and then you can purchase him for 10.7K from the merchant.

    Turtles - Water
    Tortoise - Land
  • @Spacecats

    or any other admin :P

    The keys can be like this. W,S,A,D for moving and with mouse like the flying mounts, Summon only in water, Double space bar to go under water, Space bar once to jump in water, Shift to swim faster, blue time bar for air or surfacing back above water instead of flight time. ( We can have air bubbles summon around our heads for breathing once automatically summoning the mount in water.)

    Dolphin afk skills like you know how when you go ask your mount does something: bouncing a ball on it's noise

    Mounts: We can add the Bathysmal Rise Fish, Crab, Turtle, Dolphin, extra.


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