[PC] Maintenance is now complete!

Closing Old Customer Support Tickets

Due to a large backlog of support tickets, the wait time for a support response has become very long (over 2 weeks in some cases). With so many old tickets in queue, we are spending a lot of our time responding to tickets where the issue has already been resolved or the question no longer applies. In order for us to get to new tickets regarding Fifth Anniversary events and new game content in a more reasonable time frame, we have to change our strategy.

Rather than continuing to go through the backlogged tickets individually, we will be closing all tickets that were submitted before May 4, 2017. This will allow us to focus on the newest tickets which are the most likely to still need assistance.

If your support ticket is closed and the issue is still unresolved, please submit a new support ticket. We will reply to new tickets in the order they are received.

Please understand that this is not an approach we like to take. We know that each ticket is important and deserves an individual and timely response. We believe that this is the best way for us to accomplish that going forward.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- EME Customer Support Team
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