So.. Conflate

Is still a decent PvP gear? I do i get it now? Stil via credits or it is droppable in CS/FWC?
I dont care about pve tier11/12 new gear


  • No. It's obsolete. You can't get PvP credits anymore. Just do bgs and get vm9 mats from them. Also it did not get buffed so pointless to start getting it now.
  • GG bhs then.. No plan of a "basic" pvp gear. I dont want Vm9, i hate farming like a robot 24/7 to get a stupid high tier set, and then farm other life to enchant it to have it all +12+15 whatever just to finish and have another new gear to repeat that boring process.

  • Seems it got buffed twice? Cause it has some insane base stats, and it's on par with Guile. Anyway, if it doesn't get buffed again, it's obsolete. Misery will make minced meat out of it :D
  • But is still tier 9?Or they changed it to t10?
  • Tier 9, also the mats for it are from Imperator patch, so probably not available anymore...
  • JasonTERAJasonTERA ✭✭✭

    Conflate gear is only comparable with VM7 even after they got buffed. Well, chest might be a good choice if you do not have VM8.
  • I dont want to make Vms, i just want conflate :p
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