[TERA PC] Known issue: Little Red Tokens from the Little Red and the Wolf event have an inventory limit of 999 and if receiving a Vanguard Request reward will raise your token quantity over the limit, you will not be able to receive any of the reward items. We apologize for the inconvenience, but ask that you please exchange tokens prior to completing dungeon Vanguard Requests if you are approaching the inventory limit. Event details: https://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-anniversary-little-red-and-the-wolf
[TERA PC] We confirmed that an issue with Civil Unrest persists, so Civil Unrest will remain disabled until further notice. Thank you for understanding.

MT is down



  • RottynRottyn ✭✭
    RIP MT. Come on now.
  • The operations team is working on getting MT back up again. Sorry about this!
  • server is so laggy, the boss kept killing ppl that were already dead due to the huge spike
  • TeekzTeekz ✭✭✭
    > @EllieChu said:
    > This is what happens when you decide to cry about lag. They shut down MT because we're a bunch of crybabies

    Not even just MT it's every server it's their job to give us a playable game.
    Not just take our money for EMP and for anniversary events you know.
  • I was lagging at yana on Mt when server crashed
  • omg so lag after patch valk still spiked ms all time .. =[ and now off on 2% of boss =[
  • SeikilosSeikilos ✭✭✭
    Unbearable lag on MT since patch. General lag and huge spikes. iframing is not possible and later on so was playing!
  • SoyKupoSoyKupo ✭✭✭
    RIP Hamsters. Please don't forget to feed them.
  • Kazies wrote: »
    Chibihime wrote: »
    Kazies wrote: »
    Chibihime wrote: »
    Yea same... we cant play... game freeze (Same server btw)

    server legit just went down lmao

    Yea... >.< me we was just 15% VS

    rip chibi q.q

  • KaziesKazies ✭✭
    I was lagging at yana on Mt when server crashed

    i had just finished the mobs before fulli in BR and then i couldnt move or use skills at all
  • Last thing I heard on my party chat was holy ping 1k
  • baae4a0f87842ad139acfbecfb147113.png
  • SeikilosSeikilos ✭✭✭
    edited May 2017
    cemi33 wrote: »
    Last thing I heard on my party chat was holy ping 1k

    "Holy ping!" might be the new catch phrase for tera! ;)
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    Half my raid in Velik's Hold DCed at once.
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    Also not just MT, the instance servers are defecating on themselves hard there, tried running Velik's Sanctuary and jeez we got killed by delays like literally 10s staring into a boss moving by himself while you're stopped and not even text goes through.
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