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What EME is doing to reduce lag in TERA [Updated 5/18]



  • Working on something my [filtered], after that recent maintenance every dungeon lags like hell. Wiping here and there cause of RNG lag, did you guys buy a second hand server or something?
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    Since this thread was made offically I'll voice my personal grievances and hope that if anything it helps add to the voice of the playerbase.

    I live in South Dakota, my internet provider is called Midco, an ISP that is very fast albeit it does go out at least once a month. Having said this I average 100 - 200 ping, which is somewhere in the average range I see most NA players ping at. This is baffling to me since I live closer than a lot of the NA players do to the servers. This is not my main issue but it is a very VERY concerning issue to me because the numbers should not be that high.

    Now I know earlier FPS issues were decided as another issue entirely but since I assume the whole article will be read I will add my peace.

    A lot of players (myself included) feel the game is poorly optimized, outdated in several aspects for a lack of better words. I have a laptop so I don't expect to hit 60+ frames but I know that I should be running on at least 20 because I have played this number before so I know I can handle it.

    If you guys are really talking with Bluehole to resolve the lag issues maybe after you find a resolution you could move ahead into issues like optimization and make tera a game to last.
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    @Halrath @Denommenator and pls fix that oneshot in the Cage from VSHM 2nd Boss... Is stupid. We wiping yesterday because recived 250k crit in the cage WTF (with skeleton debuff sure)
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    165-2500 on IOD! Someone can solve this?! Last three days UNplayable!
    So much spikes like never I seen!
    I cannot do anything from what I want only shut down this forever.

    @counterpoint what happened that we have unplayable server last three days? What was changed? This isn't my troubles and not my providers troubles. Spikes at every bad! And whole my guild feels it too!
  • There is no lag and if there is it is your fault. Buy better internet or move to Australia to get 40 ms. --EME 2017

    : 3

    considering they havnt said that and as of recently said they are sure the problem ISNT on our end. please stop posting on the forums. thanks.
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