What EME is doing to reduce lag in TERA [Updated 5/18]



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    Gathering all the feedback in this one thread i agree on, but by now i do believe there is a common consensus the players have reached to, and that is that EME should invest on a new server, rather than foguring out what is going on, which may take days, weeks, when getting a brand new server could maybe fix a majority of the issues at hand.
    I really, really don't think the problem is going to be fixed by "buying a new server." The lag spikes we're talking about are triggered by some sort of specific performance issue. Just trying to throw more CPU and RAM at the problem doesn't seem likely to solve it, because it's not like this issue is caused by some sort of giant increase in server load (there were many times this many players during Steam launch, and the servers they have now are at least not going to be worse by the numbers than what they had before). They have to find the specific issue that's triggering the slowdown and solving it. (Could be something in the TERA server code, something related to the database, something related to how services talk to each other, etc. etc.)

    Now, why it's taken this much disaster to trigger a serious investigation into the specific cause frustrates me too. But they have to do the proper process to address the root cause.
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    Hi GM! Another person here who is glad the issue is being investigated. The lag has been consistent for a few patches now. I am curious as to if you guys have investigated how other games are running their servers to avoid this issue? Tera has a rather small player base and I have a feeling a lot of people would be okay with downtime if the servers could be consistent. Well, mainly just instance servers. What has changed since maybe SCHMs initial patch to now? I don't think we had as much lag back then if I can remember correctly and I am doubtful that it is the increase in player base. Lag has sadly been the main reason I haven't been able to enjoy playing the game and really look forward to it getting fixed!

    We do talk to Bluehole about how TERA is hosted in other regions and members of our team have worked on large scale games from Arenanet, Microsoft, Daybreak, and other studios worldwide.

    There are almost weekly changes to TERA servers and services so pinpointing an exact change that could affect lag is challenging. One of the reasons we are asking for more information and diagnostic reports from the community is to help us both identify what areas are most prone to lag and to find better ways of identifying signs of when a server may need to be taken down for emergency maintenance.

    Alright, thanks! I will give some information on my current playing conditions:

    Location: East Coast, MA
    ISP: Comcast
    Upload: 250 mb/s
    Download: 15 mb/s
    Average ping without server lag: 40-50
    Average ping spikes with server lag: 100-500
    When does this usually occur: Typically only when in instances, and it has been happening pretty constantly no matter what time I play during the day.
    I honestly don't really have any issues when in the open world, it is typically just localized to dungeons.

    Also! Side note: I notice servers take a HEAVY toll when you guys do events that spawn a lot of monsters/BAMs across the world. Maybe we should hold off on those types of events and try and do different ones for now.
  • It's not like someone at the EME office is leaning on some big-red LAG button just to [filtered] off their playerbase. Pretty sure they want as problem-free of an experience as possible for everyone.

    The thing is, people are acting like EME knows everything inside out about Tera and with access to debug tools and source code. They didn't write the server software, Bluehole did. And it's my best guess that Bluehole, due to various reasons, don't communicate certain changes as well as they should sometimes.

    It's entirely possible the lag is just some new obscure coding bug caused by circumstances that don't exist in the other two regions... either hardware related or software. Remember we had the bug with Civil Unrest caused by NA Tera using UTC time, something unique to our region.

    Or, it could end up being some crazy datacenter employee who hates high elf endowments is trying to sabotage Tera to please Lakan. Or it could end up being rats pooped in the server cage and datacenter maintenance didn't catch it.

    My point is, that things aren't always straightforward in networking and software.
  • I still can't see why there's an issue, considering there was 2x the player base five years ago, when the game was running flawlessly, from what I can remember. Technology only moves forward, so why are we receiving periodic spikes with less of a player base five years later?
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    lol still seems like you guys are asking for this info to target areas prone to lag..? when everyone has been saying for months that it's a server wide thing affecting every one from anywhere in the world at. the. same. time. and you can tell by the obnoxious spamming of "LAG" in global chat. i first played 2 years ago. never experienced this problem or if i did, it was so minimal that i don't even remember it. quit and came back when it was a lil into rmh patch. started noticing it. shrugged it off. then with each event and each new maintenance/update, it's just gotten worse and worse. seriously don't understand how you guys are going BACKWARDS in resolving this. obviously you guys do care, what with starting this thread in the first place, and all these other events.. but uh i'd rather have no events and no gifts if you guys can just fix this server wide problem. that'd be the greatest gift of all. one can hope..

    edit* the moment after i submitted this comment and went back to the game the server (just MT) died. lololluloluoluuluolosd great game
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    MT just had a 2 minute lag spike velik hold 7:33 to 7:35
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    MT just had a 2 minute lag spike velik hold 7:33 to 7:35

    And the server's down.
  • how can one get a push notification when servers go back up?
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    how can one get a push notification when servers go back up?

    Here you go. http://tera.enmasse.com/server-status
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    LaNsLyDe wrote: »
    how can one get a push notification when servers go back up?

    Here you go. http://tera.enmasse.com/server-status

    but how do i subscribe for a push notification? anything that will ping me when the webpage changes if you know anything (heads to google)
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    This kind of thing really makes me wonder what the actual server hardware is. When they were upgraded, did it follow the modern trend of more cores clocked lower? That would probably explain how much lag we've been getting recently, assuming the server is multi-threaded as, err, flawlessly as the client is.
    Other thoughts:

    - When was the last time database was cleaned? having a ridiculously gigantic database could cause something like these constant spikes.

    - Garbage collection causes lag spikes like this in many programs once they hit their allotted memory cap, could that be what's happening here? I know the tera client has a 2gb memory cap for some reason, is the same thing happening to the server software?

    - Processors underclocking themselves when load drops to save power could also cause spikes like this
  • where yall spending the money you get from people buying [filtered] ton of emp, i wonder?
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    MT up again, as far as server status page is concerned at least. May not be working properly tho, haven't tested
  • Do you even server bro? I mean twice in less then 24 hours is a bit redic.
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    where yall spending the money you get from people buying [filtered] ton of emp, i wonder?

    Any amount they could spend on the upgrading the servers would be way less expensive than the amount of headache and hassle (and cost) they get trying to resolve these many problems and the amount of customers they've lost as a result. It's not likely to be a "throw money at the problem" issue. More likely some of the other things people are suggesting related to software, database, or hardware-specific deadlocks that other regions don't experience, and not something trivial to fix without a lot of data/logs/metrics to pinpoint the exact cause(s). (Thankfully, the issues have gotten bad enough now that they have every motivation to dig as deep as it takes.)
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