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    It's not hard. You set up more space for patch time, and relinquish said space afterwards. It's not like you don't have notification of these patches coming months well in advance, perhaps even further than most or any players do. I wish I could sit here and say, well, obviously this section of the office isn't responsible, but quite frankly, there are probably three known EME employees who actually have a good reputation with the players. There has been little to no communication, quite frankly half of these people would sit down and shut up if they knew they could trust you enough to actually fix this. I don't even think a statement will help. It's just too far gone, too many mistakes.

    Edit: I just want to point out, in years past, we blamed BHS for most issues, and maybe that was right, or wrong. It was said that BHS was the one holding EME down for a long time. The clear difference here is that the announcements and employees felt on the players side, where now they do not.

    Oh, I like you.
    DYLW5HFXJH wrote: »
    Players should not be expected to dig through a bunch of closed threads to find one open one with maybe a response from EME.
    ^ This too
  • @Spacecats I believe stable servers would be more than enough compensation, but that is my humble opinion.
    after MT went down like 10h ago the difference was huge there was barely any lag! keep up the good work!
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