Brawler Desync with Bullrush on VSNM

VSNM 1st boss. where darkan. if u have the laser (purple circle on u) and u use bullrush to run to the pylon and running away, instead of using iframe.
once u touch the pylon with ur bullrush, it will count as u're in the lava, it will deal u 20k dmg per second and u get the debuff. when literally u're 5m of the lava.
u can try it. u just to bullrush to the pylon and the laser goes away instead of hitting ur position, and u will get damaged by the lava even if u have the pylon between u and the lava. its not big bug but its quite annoying. cuz if u know ,a lot of time the darkan boss does the push back fire aoe to u after the pylon mechanic. and u must save the iframe for it or u will have to tank it. well it doesnt kill u, but u must understand its just normal mode. when the hardmode comes it will be very annoying., cuz u cant even bullrush to the pylon or u will die, to the lava for using bullrush, or to the push back aoe because u used the iframe for the laser.. pls fix this before the hardmode is released. tyvm
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