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Food Combinations?

which food combinations are allowed? cuz i see a lot of foods cant stack ( the higher priority one will rewrite the lower priority one)
and the only combination i know is the friendly feast with bbq salad.. etc.
which combinations are possible for the best atack speed / critic factor / power etc?
if possible the complete food ranking / combination. like X food cannot be used with Y food.. etc
thank you so much <3


  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    Stuff are sorted in this order:

    Feast items (the gold items from rootstock) are unique with each other and so all 3 can be used at any one
    Only 1 Blue Green or white food can be used. Blue tier is the highest tier so Lamb Bulgogi is biggest.

    In short, use Lamb Bulgogi if you have money and Floretta Soup if you don't havethat much money but still want the bonus stats. Don't use them together.

    This is in conjunction with the original set of consumables.

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