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Hi Guys,

How many crafting skills can you have?

For example in WoW you can learn 2 main ones from a selection of X.


  • ShikineShikine ✭✭✭✭
    In Tera you can only master 1 crafting from the 4 available. But crafting is so dead that gathering and refining is the only thing worth doing. Since you can have 2 characters, learning a weapon and an armor crafting covers all refining materials that needed and can be sold on the market.
    Alchemy: the developer gutted this crafting profession, we are waiting for a future revamp
    only useful thing you can craft is the Hijka Oil used by Weapon crafters

    Weapon and Armor crafting: esentially useless as well, if you play a lot you can make crafted mid-tier equipment (which drops from dungeons too) but I would call it a money drain as it uses the same kind of base material as the best available equipment in the game - people gearing alts fast would buy them
    or you can make Quickcarve and Empowered brooch which will drop from dungeons starting next month so it will be useless later

    Etchings: very RNG based, with the introduction of etching boxes and Ace dungeon shop where you can buy etchin IIs
    its dead as well
  • iNjzaiNjza ✭✭
    Well thats comforting.. just as well i dont even know how to learn a profession.. nothing obvious in the game, no tutorials . though i did manage to pick some flowers..
  • SaphirKanzakiSaphirKanzaki ✭✭✭✭
    iNjza wrote: »
    nothing obvious in the game, no tutorials
    That's one big flaw in Tera. Everything changes so fast, a lot of people gave up updating informations. They even removed the small crafting quests on IoD and Velika. In tera, the best way to get informations is talking to other players.

    Unlike WoW, you can gather everything in Tera. Do this to level up all of your 3 gather skills (press "P" for your character sheet and move to the tab "gathering" to see your progress). There's an achievement/free extra bag row in this. You'll also need 50 pieces of each 3 raw materials to get another free bag row (free in sense of "not spending money for the cash shop").

    You can basically learn every profession to a certain degree, but specialize only in one. As Shikine said, Tera crafting is quite dead. While other MMOs strongly support crafting, Tera development more focuses on new classes, new/revamped dungeons. I expereienced the last crafting revamp we had and it was good. However, Tera development didn't cater to crafting and even killed it themself. E.g. we now have Avatar weapons and free leveling gear. Back then, Black- and Armorsmithes were provinding the market for this. The same goes for the Elite potions, which killed the Alchemists. And so on.

    My guess is that we will have another revamp within the next 1-2 years, when they see that games like BDO can bind people by simply letting them fish (timesink) or all side processes for crafting. Crafting even binds longer than any Tera instance could. So, I have all profession covered to go autarkic into the next crafting revamp.
  • iNjzaiNjza ✭✭
    That sounds pretty sad actually :( ill level em up then.. as slow as i can lol
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