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[XX] Specify server in thread titles

edited June 2016 in Guild Recruitment
Please include your server abbreviation in your thread title. Ideally in brackets as shown below:

[AV] Title related to Ascension Valley guilds
[CH] Title related to Celestial Hills guilds
[HW] Title related to your Highwatch guild
[LoT] Is there a Lake of Tears guild that's cats only?
[MT] Looking for a Mount Tyrannas guild?
[ TR] Tempest Reach guilds and you
[VoT] Join Spacefeline Masters guild in Valley of Titans!


  • I would like to join
  • i'm looking for a Tempest Reach Guild to join i'm a veteran player but it has been almost a year since last i played so i made a new character. i am an Amon Lancer LvL 22 named Demon.World.Marquis
  • LilMsQTayLilMsQTay ✭✭✭
    Is there a mod that can make folders for each Server for better organization, then you can just click the server folder and see listings threads for that server.
  • Thank you, this is very helpful.
  • YangRedYangRed United States ✭✭
    [CH] Once Royal
  • GortoCremaGortoCrema Argentina ✭✭
    [CH] (Celestial Hills) - Un Cortadito

    Somos una Guild de habla hispana, con miembros de toda latinoamerica, sobre todo de Argentina! No hay requerimiento alguno, mejor si sos activo/a, buscas aprender y estas dispuesto a enseñar <3

    Tambien podes enviarme Amistad a

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