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Resurrect the BGs

Corsair > 23 minutes queing and nothing
Fwc > 34 minutes and still waiting
Gririndon > Imposible.

I know maybe 3s have some bonus right now but the queues are also high.

Many of us only do that bgs, many many players dont care about dungeons or pve at all.
Increase the rewards for wining bgs and for participating. Specially in 65 bgs.... Right now are a ghost town.
HW is full with 300+ ppl totally Afk doing nothing, others spamming skills around a coupple doing duels, will be not better if they have some good incentive to queue on BGS instead of being there doing nothing??

Another idea is GO BACK with the stupid idea of making CS for 65 only. Make it for 40+ at least. In the past the queue for CS was not bad, like 3-5 minutes ALL THE DAY, cause peopple use that too for leveling. The Afk "problem" is still not fixed, cause ppl afks in 65 and not 65 Bgs yet (A LOT).

Please, do something u cant stand there iddle too. Its your game. (I know is bhs game, but u can ask them some mods for u, or do it yourself enmasse). Right now, a big portion of the game is dead.
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