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5-19 Twitch Stream: Anniversary PART 3


Today... let's have a scavenger hunt!

All servers are invited, though I might hop back and forth to pick out special volunteers in some cases. Your task is to tune in, listen for clues, and then complete tasks as quickly as possible to unlock rewards for every viewer!

The show starts today, May 19, at 3 p.m. PDT at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment


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    Sounds cool, i might join if i do not oversleep o.o

    Also, when is the quiz bowl happening?
  • Hey all !!! :proud:
  • Hi All o/ ....
  • Was going through some hard times IRL just over a month ago, which is when i joined my current guild on TR (Hekate) and thanks to all the members there I got through the rough times and am now happy again and am so grateful to all the members and I hope to remain friends for a long time to go.
  • My other half started playing Tera right after it went free to play. At the time, I didn't really play any mmo's and a rift was forming between the two of us because of the amount of time he spent playing the game. My other half asked me several times to join him in the world of Tera but I refused, claiming that mmo's were for "nerds." Finally, after one night of begging me incessantly to just give Tera a try, I created a sorc to shut him up. Anyway, as the story goes, we spent hours playing together and over the years, bonded with each other and the wonderful people we met while grinding through endgame dungeons. It's been 5 years and we're getting married later this year! We've even met some of our guildies in real life! I'm sure that Tera will remain a great way for us to relax and bond as our relationship continues to grow and move into the next stages!
  • Long ago when I began playing TERA, I was overwhelmed by the crazy action that went on. It was a huge battle learning to fight and keep myself alive. BAMs were truly BAMs but in time I learned how to read them. WAZAM, I dodge the boss attacks. KAPOW, I unleash my full combo on them. This was when I played a Berserker and boy was it fun. I never felt so engaged in a MMORPG before, but that's not the end. There was one moment that transcended what I had ever seen before in MMOs. It was ridiculous! The sheer attack that I saw that one fateful day left me in a state of excitement, shock, and worry. It was incredible. Never before had I seen an attack like this that left me so awestruck that I was literally shaking. It was by another Berserker that I faced in PVP who was able to 1-shot me. But don’t let this story distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.
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    Story for tokens: I would like to tell the story about how I met my fiance. I was actually coming off a really bad break up in which I had been cheated on numerous times. To make things worse I was due to wed that same person. Well two years after that break up I decided to just live my life and put God first. Throughout my time I picked up games like Tera in which I made many friends. It was here I was gonna find the woman of my dreams but I didn't realize it yet. I actually played a dungeon with her in Bathmysmal Rise, and I offered her to join me on teamspeak so I could help her learn the mechanics. She took up my offer, and was very nervous because of the "difference in skill". We played for several days after and began to get closer and closer. Before you know it, we were talking on a very personal level. Asking questions about family and religion. This relationship grew for many years but we never thought much of it, until one day I asked her why she didnt have a boyfriend yet. She responded "Because, I like someone else." It was at that moment I knew she was talking about me. Then from a moment of shock became happiness but at the same time uncertainty. For we both have never been in a long distance relationship before, and had no clue what would lie ahead of us. To be honest I have never even seen a picture of her, but yet I had deep feelings for her. Come to find she is drop dead gorgeous. Its been 3 years since those days and here we are about to get married.
  • Clouds \o/
  • Treehouse XD
  • When I first started playing Tera, my first ever race/class was a female amani Lancer. I started Tera by myself back in mid 2014, slowly grinding my way through the dungeons and levels, struggling to learn how to be a proper tank.(Tank is my favorite class of all time) After getting somewhat of a feel for the game, I informed my husband that I direly needed a healer with which to do dungeons. A healer I could trust, who would remember that tank is a vital member of any dungeon just as the healer is the true MVP. While we were still leveling, we met someone who we found ourselves in dungeons with often. We ended up becoming friends and even joined the guild she was in. At that time, our guild was Storm Lords. Sadly, unbeknownst to my husband and I, there was often drama with the guild leader. This caused a rift with the high ranked officers and created a divide which led to the guild falling apart, many of us converging into another guild that was named Flux.

    Flux became the number one PvE guild, so fabulous in fact that we had honorary horses with our guild emblem! My husband and I loved the guild, our guild leader, Mad.Cap, was one of the most fun and amusing of people. As time went on, Flux became too powerful and too strong and it too fell. As Flux began crumbling, from it was born Limited Edition, the current PvP CU champions. It was around the drop of Flux, the real world made its call and forced me into a hiatus.

    Upon returning earlier last year, my husband and I have tried and tried to find a guild to call home. We stayed with Flux, well knowing it was dead and would never return to its former glory. It was a point of nostalgia, a fond memory we weren't ready to let go of. Thanks to all these new changes that have been made to game play, I have since deleted my Lancer, finding that the Lancer I fell in love with was no longer the Lancer I could play. We (My husband and I) have since left guilds behind and created our own, recreating Storm Lords and becoming recluses to the rest of the Tera guild world.
  • Any codes?
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    Hi there. My name is Shamel Fuller. But Ingame I went through many names.. I first started on a small server called Arachnea. A warrior named Chizu... I never really wanted to make a name for myself originally.. I just wanted to be a casual player who just played for fun... I was like every other player who first started... clueless about how to setup crystals.. and how to even properly roll gear... only thing I ever cared about (And still do to this day) is Attack Speed, because I just love to go fast.. As I progressed in the game, I met some really nice people, and some really rude people.. but this is normal because in Life, you'll encounter the same. This game taught me alot about friendship and relationships with people in the internet world. You'll meet people who have a good sense of humor.. you'll find people who will just see you as scum and will never accept you. After meeting some people from a different server, who taught me all about crystal setups and rolls on gear for better dps, I made it my mission to teach others... and help gear people when I had the money to do so... I used to enchant random pieces of gear and give them to players I saw worthy for it. Back then, I was kind of a troll, but over time, I changed.. I became much less of a troll, focused more on gearing others before myself. I am a VERY patient player.. and I love to play the game for both the pve and the fashions.. I am so happy to meet so many players and meet so many generations of players.. as The generations of patches moved on, you could see how the server was affected. I continued to remain the same. I am fair and I keep my promises. And if I am at fault, I hold myself accountable. I have been playing this game since the days I was in the Air Force. I really love your server, even if I do call you guys out on the lag. I can't ever leave.. not until the server is truly dead. To this day, I go as Tails. I still own my original name, Chizu. I just wish I was appreciated more for the good things I have done for the community of the server I have played on for so many years.. I might be an unsung hero.. I might not deserve to even be called one. I just want to atleast have a voice to be known. So I figured here would be a good start? I love everyone... and If people need help with things, its kinda hard for me to say "No.", unless I have work, or family emergencies.. again.. sorry about the long post.. I just wanted to share my struggles I went through in this game.. the people that took me in to learn hard modes... the people that had the patience to make me into the person I am today who loves every challenge. I just want other players to experience the same fun I have experienced and to not suffer the things I went through. I have some old screenies back from beta showing my warrior I continued to use to this day. From Arachnaea to Celestial Hills to Dragonfail (Dragonfall) all the way to what is now Tempest Creeps (Tempest Reach). Live on TERA. Thanks for giving me such a life long joyful experience. Now I wish everyone a wonderful day, and thanks again for taking the time to read my post. 462027_440307942653930_633934055_o.jpg?oh=a83cf901de70674820dba52fe897d4b6&oe=5976D7EC

    I miss Fane of Kaprima HM... Vault of Kaprima just doesn't even compare.. Balder's temple taught me how to DPS race when at a certain %..
    MCHM taught me how to focus on a fight and always take the initiative when a player is down. ACHM taught me to keep sharp of all hazards and obstacles. KNHM was freaking hard.. but with a good team, was completely manageable. ABHM changed everything about my playstyle.. I had to learn how to evade and conserve my resolve for evasive skills to stay alive and burn at the end.. SCHM and TSHM brought me back into the game due to it's difficulty, creativity in the boss mechanics, and the sheer fun and intensity of the fights... FIHM was just plain fun. and SSHM was just pure beauty.

    Thanks for the fun. Check with you guys, again. Thanks.
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    Tainted Souls
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    When I left another MMO, a friend just talked to me about TERA. There is the story how I get my warrior to lvl 60. Back to 2013 February 13 I dont know how to level here so I thought was exactly like in the other MMO I was playing. So I started to level and guess how I reach level 60, YES! I leveled up my warrior by just killing mobs and bams from 1 to 60 in 2 weeks. I know im dumb af didnt know about the quest system here :(
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    hi :pleased: how are you?
    today is friday , arent we suppose to get another anniversary wings? for this new weekend. May 19th weekend.

    it is now fixed. thanks spacecats and staff!
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