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CH down due to BAM event



  • crystaalcrystaal
    edited May 2017
    What a celebration. I remember 3rd aniversary was barely playable due to lag, but no server crash, this is crazy wth
    Hour before this event started, dungeons unplayable BTW 4x wipes in VHHM cause MAJOR LAG

    i feel so celebrated
  • As a reward they can give us 2hr of event :P
  • Hope we get some compensation for missing out on the event. >>
  • DreadweaverDreadweaver ✭✭✭
    @rocketfox It seemed also fair to get compensation for previous massive lags. And where is it? :p
    Less hopes - less disappoints
  • MazziveMazzive ✭✭
    edited May 2017
    This is beautiful, not even wondering why ppl love you so much
  • PhilorePhilore ✭✭
    well thx for an other pointless event EME.
  • zaebali losi pochinite vsio!!!
  • BluehydraBluehydra ✭✭✭
    first dungeon i do since i come back to tera and this happens.. we finished it but we didn't get to pick up the loot.. sadness
  • The server boss, just casted it's ultimate attack/tank buster: Disconnect. Successfully one shotted the whole server.....
  • MazziveMazzive ✭✭
    the hamsters in server room were replaced with these lazy asses
  • PhilorePhilore ✭✭
    the fat KUmas sat on the servers
  • I swear. I was so excited and now :< we probably wont get anything
  • @EME x4 drop or 2x more event 4 ch
  • LisanneLisanne ✭✭
    And ofc it is just 1 server so it isn't as massive an outcry enough for them to even care, typical -.-
  • Yusheru wrote: »
    I swear. I was so excited and now :< we probably wont get anything

    we got to enjoy eachothers company on the forum ;3 thats worth more then any drop in game!
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