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Patience with newer/ unskilled players



  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    yes you can since than low dungeon are a lot harder and than without healer you need to learn to use your class, it is impossible to solo bol with level 20 like before
  • stop cry and learn how to play, this happend because you dont like learn, and always all is around you.

    ^^ this

    and dont tell me i've never experience it, i've been kicked from rmhm 1231312 times but now im literally and unkillable god in rmhm as a dps
  • 5H96Y49G6D5H96Y49G6D ✭✭✭
    RM doesnt exist

    Also if u cant find a guild tht does hm to take u on quit move to another game. PUGGING and "networking" in this videogame should NOT be hard but ppl who play this game like to put tera on a pedestal and form niches partly why I quit 2014. Its no longer even about getting gud its do I know u irl or some stupid ranking system for loot that drops ensuring noobies dont get gear towards the end of the patch when said gear is irrelevant and ppl dont want do dungeon anymore.

    On the reverse ppl who want to learn dont take effort to read guides get gear or show commitment. Vets basically liek [filtered] u cuz ull leave in 3 months so yahtzee which is partly true. TERA has a 5-6 month cycle which is very unhealthy for guilds and the exploitation continues.
  • 5H96Y49G6D wrote: »
    RM doesnt exist

    Also if u cant find a guild tht does hm to take u on quit move to another game. PUGGING and "networking" in this videogame should NOT be hard but ppl who play this game like to put tera on a pedestal and form niches partly why I quit 2014. Its no longer even about getting gud its do I know u irl or some stupid ranking system for loot that drops ensuring noobies dont get gear towards the end of the patch when said gear is irrelevant and ppl dont want do dungeon anymore.

    On the reverse ppl who want to learn dont take effort to read guides get gear or show commitment. Vets basically liek [filtered] u cuz ull leave in 3 months so yahtzee which is partly true. TERA has a 5-6 month cycle which is very unhealthy for guilds and the exploitation continues.

    Reading headaches aside, this isn't necessarily true. There are plenty of guilds with players who enjoy helping newcomers learn the ropes, the new players just have to find their guild. Maybe on the elite high-end of players there is some politics involved but that's normal, and if you really wanted to you could sew yourself into this inner circle with enough visibility and dedication.
  • ViauxiViauxi ✭✭✭
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    Grow some [filtered]. Seriously. This game has a pretty cutthroat community that has the patience of a 3 week old baby. Ignore people, block people, or even out troll them if you want. If you are a new solo player, you will get [filtered] on, it's that simple. Not everyone can find a great guild, a good guild, or a guild period. That is the reality unfortunately. People can be incredibly trap at this game and it has made the playerbase generally hostile towards someone's inability to perform. The introduction of +15 gear, more 5 man content after the Fate of Arun expansion, and the use of dps meters have only made the community significantly more toxic over the years.

    One bad DPS could mean the difference between a 20 minute run or a 50 minute run. One bad healer/ tank that rage quits could mean the entire run is lost or you spend an hour trying to replace them. Ain't nobody got time for that. This game massively punishes sub-optimal performance and because of this, people have grown very numb to dealing with inexperienced or bad players. They just want to clear this boring redundant content as fast as possible to get their rewards, so they can log onto a better game or do something more productive with their time. I don't like it this way either, but after observing for nearly 5 years, It is what it is. This is simply how most people outside of a static behave.

    If you want to play a game with an uber nice community that will help you learn a dungeon for 3 hours then play FFXIV or GW2 because both of those games have far more patient and more mature communities than this game.

    Right now I am guildless and play completely solo. Why? After 5 years I'm tired of dealing with people in this game. Not for any reason, I just rather play solo now and most of the old guilds I played with have been gone for years. I'm just all washed up after so many years of TERA, watching this game's depressing downfall to it's current state. This is a side game to me now, so I play it like one. I only use LFG / IMS or play completely solo and have been doing so for nearly a year now, so I am well familiar on how many people act outside of their little guild friend zones.

    Your absolute best hope is to find a GREAT guild that consistently do dungeons. Other than that you will just have to grow some [filtered] get use to the toxicity man. Good luck.

    edit: its "grow some b.a.l.l.s"
  • 5H96Y49G6D5H96Y49G6D ✭✭✭

    Preach some more.
  • c0gc0g ✭✭
    I see the big picture of what you're saying man. If you can't be nice to learning players, you're not giving them a chance to get better. Because of that, some players get so discouraged by all that negativity they leave the game. Net result is we get one less player in Tera and one more unit of queue time for certain dungeons. Multiply such bad behavior tenfold / hundredfold or even more, and you'll start to see why it's gonna hurt everyone back in the long run.

    Every player getting in new dungeons were floormatting noobs to begin with to varying degrees, and that includes negative ones. I grew a thick hide IM-ing my way into new dungeons to learn them when there weren't guildies around to take me on learning runs, and I did them all as a (constantly floormatting) tank. I got to see narrow-minded trash-talkers try to put me down, as much I had the pleasure of running with very kind and pro dps and healer players telling me NOT to quit just because I was learning the IM-ed dungeon. I even took screenshots of those nice people, and the bad ones too, treated them all as learning opportunities to get better. Some may talk you down but may also offer you some useful tips. If I wanted to get good while running into difficult players, the only logical thing to do is filter in only what is useful to me. After all that, I owned those dungeons, became real good at them. So if I see hapless players with the right attitude like yourself trying to learn a new dungeon through IM, I'd still remember what I used to be, and within my means offer the same kind words and support like those nice people that have helped me out above.

    Still, I know we can't be all nice and patient all the time to learning players, especially when running harder dungeons, and especially through IM. Sometimes, players lose their cool as they are expecting a fast run. You never know if they have limited playtime or some other reasons causing them to lash out at newbies, and nobody can fix that. If you're IM-ing and you're learning, it helps to grow a thick hide and focus on your own goal rather than worry if people are going to be nice or nasty. Bottom line is, don't get discouraged by such negativity, for every -1 there is always a +1, you just need to focus on the +1.
  • Thank you all for your mostly positive replies and suggestions. A lot of questions were asked and I'll try to answer the ones that seem the most relevant. I apologize to any of you who may has asked a question that I haven't responded to. When I enter a new dungeon I always inform the group that I'm new and looking for gear. I certainly have not rushed into dungeons the minute I feel my GS is high enough. I've always stayed at a dungeon level that I felt comfortable with until I feel that I'm mastered it reasonable well. That being said its my opinion that I have a fairly good idea of what my skills can do. That's not to say I'm an expert and I've been surprised sometimes when I discovered that a skill that I had previously considered be rather useless, actually had a very useful purpose. I play the game not to reach the highest level or gear score at the quickest shortest time-- but rather to enjoy the experience of the journey. I'm in no hurry and I'd rather play conservative in my approach and feel comfortable at my level. However there is always that jump to the next level-- experiencing dungeons I haven't seen or that have all of a sudden taken on a new dimension. I do my research first-- read reviews of the dungeons, and watch utubes (I find the utubes without some form of documentation to be of limited value as there is no indication of why a particular move is being made). I've looked at the sites suggested and some of them are decent although not specific to my class or are a bit outdated. In addition there is a huge difference between watching a video and doing what was observed. I've experienced being criticized for standing too long in one spot (as a tank) so I apply that knowledge in the next dungeon and people scream at me saying "OMG what are you doing you xxxx noob" -- without telling me what they feel I should be doing different. I usually am quite cognizant that I am not playing well. I realize that its the mechanics change from dungeon to dungeons and that I need to learn as every dungeon is different. I've always searched for groups though instance matching. If there is a difference between that and LFG I am not aware of it. I have been playing Tera for some time. . The dungeons I was currently referring to were Demokron Factory, Bathysmal Rise etc. These dungeons are in the second highest tier of available dungeons. My GS is high enough that I can enter the highest dungeons ----although I choose not too for obvious reasons. Perhaps I can be considered a slow learner. I'm been doing Demon Factory etc when I was wearing slaughter gear-- before the introduced Bathysmal Rise. My experience while wearing slaughter and doing the instances were very similar while I was learning. After trying them several times and upgrading my gear I began to feel quite comfortable with the dungeons. Then I tried Lilith and the other ones at that level (forget the names) and got the same critical response some asking what the xxxxxx are you doing here, getting kicked, parties being abandoned etc. I felt humiliated and went back to Demokron Factory, Channel Works etc. Unfortunately while I was able to perform well enough that I no longer received criticism I observed a lot of newer players on the receiving end of the same criticism I had received (and no doubt would get if I moved onto the next tear). Usually after the run I'd speak with them and explain I understood what they were just experiencing-- and how difficult if felt.

    Now I'm at the point where I am asking myself why do I want to be subjected to this humiliation? Am I not ingame to have fun? When I leave an instance feeling deflated I don't want to go back. It's easy to say "suck it up" -- but the point is I'm there to have fun. Having played many other games it's my conclusion that this game has some of the most critical players I've ever seen. In one way I can understand why-- the game is very technical. At the end of the day the questions I ask myself is "do I want to be here"? "Is this the environment I wish to be in". "Can I have more fun playing some other game?" "Is this the game for me?"
  • Haggard86Haggard86 ✭✭✭✭
    As someone who plays tank and dps, I can understand some of the frustration. Main job of tank is to keep aggro and try to keep the boss in place so the dps can do their job. Some bosses don't care tho and will do as they please, so if a boss turns and the dps follows it's backside, try to jump around to the front so they won't have to chase it constantly. Also to use df as an example, on the first boss, puddle placement is an important job for the tank. Keep the puddles neat as you move around the arena and make sure the dps isn't sitting in a puddle or backed into a wall. That's important on any boss. Now some dps may have grand ideas of min maxing the run and any boss movement is bad to them, but they will have to compromise a little with you. What server do you play on btw?
  • DreadweaverDreadweaver ✭✭✭
    edited May 2017
    Only one way : Find guild and have runs with them, you will understand what is team work. Guild runs with people who do it regular are fun!

    Myself I was very lucky to pass all this sad part of game. I tried warrioring and very well remember how LK was hard first time. I remember only one episode with arguing (this more looked even like ".....warrior...."))))and mainly because I ressed myself and booted out. When started healer mystic didn't have even one issue running any dungeon despite I have ping issues at times.
    May be I was just lucky. But may be its a result of my reading tactics for dungeon, guide for my class and fact that I play only two classes in this whole game. May be helped that I'm not new to mmo games.

    If you will need help with runs and you're from Celestial Hills I can help you with all this part. Just write me PM! Currently i teach one person and we even have result) welcome to my server and we'll sort it all! :awesome:
    P.s. If you're from other server I can lvl my third small healer with you to make it faster.
  • YitharYithar ✭✭✭
    When I queue using IMS, I always expect to carry 100% of the time. That's just how it is if you queue.

    Finding a guild would be most optimal, but there's also LFG.
  • TWMagimayTWMagimay ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ah, here we are again. Thinking that calling veteran players and the community in general "toxic" is a good way to get ahead in the game. If only I could find that old topic of the newbie who had trouble with dungeons but put it in such a way, he got a few pages of veteran players saying "And if you are on this server, throw me a PM and I'll hook you up" instead of a few pages of people talking about how terrible veteran players are. Wonder why....
  • RotomuRotomu ✭✭
    What server are you on?

    Honestly the problem is that you need to find a guild. If you don't want a bad time, running with the guild is all you need. Because you all know each other at that point and try to not be toxic to one another. Over IMS, you don't know the person, they're in a completely different server, toxicity will be huge there.

    So again, what server are you on because I know a good guild to join if you want to learn the new content.
  • DreadweaverDreadweaver ✭✭✭
    edited May 2017
    @TWMagimay not everywhere and not always there is conspiracy. All of us that speaking here can't be sure 100% the things how you say neither this is opposite. But we don't loose anything offering a help
  • I'm very sorry you had this kind of experience. As already said several times, find a friendly guild that accepts new players and that's willing to do learning runs with you. When I started playing TERA, I had no idea how much of a difference it is to play with people you (kinda) know. Do this and give this game another try.

    And another recommendation: maybe try new dungeons on a DPS class first. In my opinion, you have way more responsibility as a tank as you need to know how to position the boss, what to block and what not, enrage times, etc. As a healer, you need to know when to get ready for cleanse, stuns, etc. When i'm learning a dungeon, I always go on my DPS (my main, which is also the one i'm most comfortable with) and learn how the dungeon works. Only after I understood everything I'd consider switching to healer. Unfortunately, tanks (and healers) get blamed very easily, while a DPS who's learning is not insulted that much in comparison (from my experience).
    I know this solution is kinda meh, especially if your favourite class isn't a DPS class. But maybe it makes things easier at first. Once you're more familiar with the game overall, you probably don't have any problems entering new dungeons with your tank right away.
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