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Unity Stole is FAR too expensive.



  • KarmaTheAlligatorKarmaTheAlligator ✭✭✭✭✭
    Based12 wrote: »
    The prices are fine!

    Cmon, this is just too much. I farmed in total like 1 hour for boxes and got like 7 boxes, 2 of em dropped 100x tokens(i did go to a place where blue boxes used to spawn a lot, that someone showed me years ago, boxes don't appear that much in this event, but in one of the channels you always find a box).

    Yeah, like that's everyone's experience /s

    I'll have you know I found lots of boxes Sunday and Monday (farmed about 4 hours total, found over 50 boxes) and not a single 100 out of those. Did I get enough for the stole? Of course, got over 2.2k tokens from boxes only so far. Is the stole expensive? Yes, yes it is.
    BlackAdder wrote: »
    Loculi wrote: »
    > @BlackAdder said:
    > The fact that people gripe so very very much about the cost/difficulty to obtain this purely cosmetic item (that I've quite frankly never even noticed at all in-game, like most cosmetic-only items) must mean the high price is actually spot on.

    The only difficulty in obtaining it is purely because it is arbitrarily not trade-able. The rarity is 100% artificial. Many players have far more unity stoles than they want to have/use. But have to leave them sitting in item claim or the wardrobe instead.

    Well the rarity of ANYTHING in this game is artificial. That's how Enmasse makes money off us and if they don't make money, they stop maintaining the game.
    So here you've pointed out that people have these cosmetic items sitting around in item claim, and that means they want to be able to sell them at the first wave of stupidly high prices as soon as the item is made trade-able, just to take more advantage of a game that has already given them many advantages due to the number of hours they can spend in game. In my book that's another extremely good reason in my book to leave it alone. The game gives you a way to get this completely cosmetic item if you want it so badly. If they make it less rare or easily trade-able it loses its desirability. Supply and demand economics at its most basic.

    Do you not understand what UNTRADABLE means? They cannot sell them. They're not keeping the stoles in their item claims waiting for the opportune moment, they can't do anything with them except lose wardrobe/bank/inventory slots if they take them out.
  • To be honest, all prices are fine. I dont see Unity Stole "expensive" but since it's a very rare item, deserve it
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    9LWPWJK9D9 wrote: »
    Loculi wrote: »
    9LWPWJK9D9 wrote: »
    you want the item cos its untradeable and slightly rare, and then you want the item to be cheap? makes no sense

    why not just ask for it to be delivered to your mailbox

    It's only "rare" BECAUSE it's untradable. If it was tradeable it wouldn't be rare at all.

    rare means rare, and people want it cos its rare. if every tom [filtered] and harry has it, even if its nice looking you still wont wear it.

    kinda late to the reply but...

    nnnnnnaaahhh I still love the ninja costume that was given out for reaching Lv 65 on Ninja, I really do love it and wear it still. I won't say I only wear that cause I alternate always, but fact is, I like it and use it.
    Exclusivity only does the trick for some, it's not something I care about. I care about the quality and if it pleases ME or not, if everyone has and it's crap, no thanks. If everyone has and it's good, I'm in.
    disclaimer: the above is not valid for relationships
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    Loculi wrote: »
    > Bellatrixie said:
    > If only these were tradeable. Have had these in my bank since we got them for free for every character in a guild.

    Exactly what I mean. Completely artificial rarity. People have more than they need but can't trade them.

    I'm on this same bandwagon, Unity Stole and that other one people seem to love loads and I really don't use them. I remember I was here too on the Unity Stole giveaway from some event (just forgot specifics, I only recall I got it), and if I could trade it I would make like a dozen people happy or so.

    Like you said, forced rarity. Still does the trick for some people
  • The unity stole price is perfect. This isn't an event where spacecats is just going to mail you all the things you want. If you want them, go farm like everyone else did and WORK for your items. Stop being entitled. I have farmed nearly 3k tokens and it didn't even take that long.
  • having the unity stole in the token shop is already a very kind move from Spacecats. I don't usually agree with EME's decisions but this time I can't argue against it.
  • In before people future players like console players create a thread wanting the anniversary wings to be tradeable
    and us 4 anniversary wings sitting in the item claim just wants to "get rid" of it

    you heard it here first :)

  • Tenshi1Tenshi1 ✭✭✭✭
    9LWPWJK9D9 wrote: »
    In before people future players like console players create a thread wanting the anniversary wings to be tradeable
    and us 4 anniversary wings sitting in the item claim just wants to "get rid" of it

    you heard it here first :)

    Mine are sitting there waiting to be used by my other chars on other servers XD
  • Sorry but the token cost of Unity Stoles is not going to change for this event. Aside from being an (arguably) rare item, it would be unfair to those who spent their final week tokens to get one. The Unity Stole is one of those coveted items in TERA that appears occasionally during events, and holds a level of prestige in the game because it typically requires some level of dedication to the game in order to land one.

    If you're not able to get enough tokens for a stole before the anniversary celebration ends, there are sure to be more chances to get one in the future.
  • AyiAyi ✭✭✭
    Unity stoles are practically from every event already. Maybe make them tradeable then I can sell 6 *___*
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