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EME give me my elite boxes (that i paid for) EVERYDAY?!

It's been happening every week and every other day. Say I claim my elite boxes today around 5pm PST and the whole reset thing happens when I'm sleeping which is around 4am or 5am pst. I get back home the next day around 4pm or 5pm PST again, and it's still 0 / 0 on the elite bar?! Hello?! What'd you do EME!? Please FIX!


  • MsEraMsEra ✭✭
    reset time is 4am pdt
  • What I've found myself in my tracking of this bug is that you can "fix" this by logging in every day and claiming the boxes consistently before 5pm PDT (after the 4am PDT reset). By doing that, I was able to avoid the bug for a week straight. When I lapsed and went back to logging in after 5pm, the bug came back.

    Some people have suggested that the cause is more complicated in their case, so it may be that this doesn't work for everyone. But that's what I found works for me.

    I also sent data to EME in the hopes that they will work with BHS to fix this bug as soon as possible.
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    And you have to wait for BHS to fix it, Rawr. But do as counterpoint said for now :anguished:

    But what if someone can't always connect on that time. We make some Elite player displeased will hurt the game.

    EME unleash a Popori on BHS.
  • sevdasevda ✭✭
    I finally got a response to the ticket that I sent in on 5/19 regarding this issue. They say they are aware of the problem, that they thought it was one thing, turned out it wasn't. Now they're looking into with with BHS. No ETA on a fix.
  • tisnotmetisnotme ✭✭✭✭
    I sent a ticket as well still no response yet
    but how do they think people will respond when its cash being used for an offer that's unfulfilled , let alone giving more cash to something when you know your not getting the promised offer

    I regularly log on around the 2am pdt every day (as this is my 5pm) due to work I'm up at 430 as it is and at work 545 to start at 6 my time , to have elite shouldn't be putting restrictions on what I'm buying , oh become elite we offer incentive , that is if you only log on at this time pdt , and don't tell me well it is a NA server as its the server for AU as well
  • Just bring the elite resets back to the original time ... idk why the switch in the first place ..
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    Just bring the elite resets back to the original time ... idk why the switch in the first place ..

    I don't believe it was intentional, I think it is like the other time-glitches we got because we set up our servers properly with UTC time, the other areas use local time only. ( for example Velik Unrest)

    In the past similar glitches have required fixes from BH.
  • I've been having these issues also! The reset only happens if I log off. I play on PST, so if I sleep around 12am then everything resets fine next morning, but I stay up a bit later (sleep at 2~3am), then I wouldn't get my boxes the following day.
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