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in 30 mins bam fight will be on, get on board.



  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    Also, why do you guys hold events and give no proper notice in advance?!?
    First, I do agree that communication all around needs to be improved in a lot of ways. That being said, there are three kinds of events EME puts on:

    1) Long-term in-game events (like featured DG/BG, blue box, etc. happening now)
    2) Scheduled timed events (like the weekly Twitch stream)
    3) Unscheduled/impromptu events (like this BAM spawn they tried today)

    For the first two types, I definitely agree: use every avenue possible and provide as much notice as you can. Shouldn't only be based on whether you saw a forum thread; using the in-game calendar is great. I'd also like them to do more to add info into the Launcher. That said, I do think the third type still has a place as well.

    The problem with BAM spawn events when advertised too much is that it becomes a "Big Deal" event; a lot of people show up, and then it causes additional drama because people can't all participate, rewards aren't distributed the way people like, the rewards aren't seen as enough for time invested, etc. etc. As an impromptu event (as a bonus for those who happen to be on at the time), it takes a bit of the pressure off. It gives them more freedom to try things, and a bit more margin if things fail (like it did spectacularly on two servers today). Of course some people are still mad that it wasn't advertised so they missed it...

    But I guess what I'm saying is so long as there are lots of other ways to reward players that are scheduled and long-term, I think it is okay to also have some events that reward players already logged in from time-to-time, so long as they also mix up the dates and times so it's not always the very same people. These sorts of surprises (in moderation) add a bit of spice to the game.


    Although I'd admit that if possible they should host this more often and at varied times across the day during the anniversary period (and maybe some while NA is sleeping too!), so at least most of the players can do it. Advertising for impromptu events outside of the game SHOULD be done by the players rather than the devs themselves, precisely because it doesn't make sense for people to prepare for this. Doesn't have to be a BAM spawn, anything would be fine.
  • ArnikArnik
    edited June 2017
    Drat missed it. Would it kill them to announce for those who don't live in the game 24/7?
    Halrath wrote: »
    @Halrath This was an impromptu event, sort of a random surprise. There is an announcement coming today with more planned events.
    You do realize the exact same thing was said for that last 1 hour Bam event, from earlier this month? How can I believe eme at all?
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Vinyltails wrote: »
    after scanning through this thread i come to one conclusion
    Everyone hates surprises and we can't have nice things. Guess we can call off all the surprise birthday parties and stuff and ruin the fun of things but knowing exactly whats coming and how to best exploit it for better gains

    Exactly this, if it wasn't a surprise event, I would complain too, but few here are just unhappy they couldn't get stuff, cause some even said you made millions in 1 hour :eh: like wot the, We can't have good things with these attitude, I missed it, it sucked, don't do it.

    I am missing all Blue boxes spawn event. You won't see me crying, cause I am holding it RAWR :expressionless:
  • ShikineShikine ✭✭✭✭
    I totally on your side, there is a place for these events, but you can see how they never find the right balance?
    as someone mentioned here 39 dragon scales? good amount of mats, gold for a 1h event? 39 dragon scales at best take 5 days with daily several hours to farm out...
    and in the end they decided not to hold more BAM events?
    so bascially everyone who was not able to participate in this one is essentially [filtered]?
    and no, triple blue box does not make it right :) afaik they do not drop dragon scales and rewards are not sent out in raid parcel so you can get nothing on a big server when during that 1 hour people probably inject and everyone else is hunting too... i see an incoming disaster

    and even if they hold long term or longer events those are not properly communicated either
    I have answered many questions about until when and where the tokens drop, when will the close shop, will the shop change more etc. because we have NO prior clear communitcation at all

    I totally understand that without communicating anything it gives them place to improve the event, but on the other hand it causes extreme confusion in every player that doesnt read teradevtracker or watch streams... which shouldnt be the case?

    I am utterly disappointed in the current staff. And these impromptu broken events do not help the case.
  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Shikine wrote: »

    Finally, someone who saw the flaw on several things in some events.
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