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EME could you stop putting stuff on sale knowing that it will be useless a week later?



  • KnightFalzKnightFalz ✭✭✭
    Spacecats wrote: »
    The wording in the news post was like so...
    It’s time to close out our inventory of inner armor loot boxes to make room for the 2017 models coming in Lakan's Fury update.

    ...along with the June 6 date given for both the sale end date and release of Lakan's Fury. Old inner armors are being removed from the store right now, so this discount was your last chance to buy them.

    Inner armors have pretty much become a yearly installment, with each year not only having new looks but also slightly improved stats. That doesn't make existing inner armor any worse. The old inner armor stats don't decrease or anything. So with a date and the confirmation that 2017 inner armors were coming today, I don't think there was any secrecy to this sale. I'm not sure how it could have been explained better in the news post, but if you have suggestions please feel free to give them, as it might help for next time TERA has a sale like this.

    I have some suggestions.

    I suggest that when making these announcements Tera should take into consideration that not all players are familiar with the history of equipment development in the game. I for one am a fairly new player, and did not know that it annual practice to release new inner wear with slightly better stats.

    Although some may think it is only logical to assume new equipment would have slightly better than the old that fit in the same slot, and normally I would do so, Tera is not the typical case. As one can choose to display their inner armour in Tera it is just as logical to assume that the armour will have the same stats, but with a new look.

    As such, when new products with stats I put out to replace old ones, I suggest that you list the stats of both the current and new models. This would serve the purpose of informing newer players of annual changes to the gear they could not be expected to know, while giving long-term players full disclosure of what the new stats will be, so they make a fully informed decision whether to take advantage of the sale or wait and purchase the new product.

    I have noticed over time that this lack of full disclosure is an ongoing trend with this company. This practice makes it hard for your customers to make timely and informed decisions in purchasing for the game. It also has the potential to lead to a lot of disappointment and regret in your customers when they finally know the full story.

    EME should shift from the current policy of vague announcements to ones of timely full disclosure, so as to maximize the potential of customer satisfaction from their purchases and minimize their incidence of disappointment.

    If things carry on as is, EME is going to end out annoying a lot of players, and I don't think it is in quite the position where they can treat frustrated customers as easily disposable and replaceable assets.
  • Wait... Useless... Old ones aren't useless. For 4 more than the old top ones... I'll keep my gold, money and whatever​. I got enough crit factor.
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