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Tera Lag Fix - FPS, CPU, Latency & Ping

I had my issues with Tera lagging like other players out there, but I solved it!!! I cannot describe that feeling how good it is when you are finally competitive!

Here are some guides that helped me a lot!

- [Tera Lag Fix Guide by Lag Guru] (

- [Tera Lag Fix Tips by Badosoft] (

- [Lag Fix Software] (


  • You are using third party apps. BAN for u. BAN. Leave tera as it said MEME and enjoy the lagfest ;)
  • Ban this guy, third party usage detected and promoting it.
  • But has anyone fix or know of ways if reducing or remolving this lag. Its the reason my girlfriend and in stopped at lvl59 cause of this.
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