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Why is it so hard to join guild?



  • FalsifierFalsifier ✭✭✭
    Ricecubes wrote: »
    Probably because you are [filtered]
    Jerichow wrote: »
    Um..... You DO realize that 'competitive' and 'ranked' are pretty much mutually inclusive of each other right? You can't really expect to join a competitive guild and not be ranked. Just saying...

    That and people may recognize you from the forums, and you may be seen as kind of whiney, especially with that whole 'proof lancers are more broken than brawlers' thread you did recently.


  • Mobius1Mobius1 ✭✭✭
    The whole getting kicked out of a guild thing makes me suspicious.

    For what reason did they kick you out? If you were a good player, without a bad attitude, I don't see why they would have kicked you.
  • i never was intrested in joining guilds but i do get alot of guild asking me to join~
    i made a few friends here and ther and when they have a guild run for a part/raid dungeon they would take me along, i did my best they saw i did a good job and after 2 or 3 runs they ask me to join a few times.
  • HysphericalHyspherical ✭✭✭
    There are literally guilds who are mostly social and have no requirements/standards and will just accept you because you want to be in a guild. What's the problem here?
  • SinastriaSinastria ✭✭✭
    I think you just have to try to find a lively and not elitist oriented guild. Most of the hardcore elitist around are not even elite anyway.

    After that if the guildies are decent and patient people you can build up a fairly competitive group with them. You know, people learn when you have a nice environment and don't mind to be stomped a bit in the beginning :awesome:
  • FuuaFuua ✭✭
    It's tough to get into any guilds in MT because a lot of them are just filled with alts, or are extremely stuck up elitists.
    You have to have +500 starfall VM 700 million to get into them, because apparently gear > skill (lol)

    I was inactive in a top guild for 5 days because emergency IRL.
    They kicked me without a word. Didn't even have the decency to try and contact me and say "HEY! WHERE ARE YOU?!"
    I went out of my way many times for the guild and supported it a lot in several ways and they just took advantage.
    People would never run or do anything with me- never included me in anything, and weren't very friendly.
    The only time people were included in things is when the GL was screaming his head off for people to join GVG's or run 3's.
    Most of the top tiers just want head counts.

    Don't feel too bad- don't try to find the guild, let a guild find you.
    Enjoy the game for what it is, work on achievements- heck even just explore. It's a beautiful game despite its ugly players.
    If you feel as if you're worth being in a guild try to apply but most of the top tier guilds will most likely take advantage of you if you're not one of their core members / buddies.
  • HysphericalHyspherical ✭✭✭
    Sinastria wrote: »
    Most of the hardcore elitist around are not even elite anyway.
    Oh, how right you are.
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