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TSNM event

can we please get badges instead of banners there has been an event already that everyone has gotten tons of banners from.


  • Haggard86Haggard86 ✭✭✭✭
    Badges drop from easy dungeons, there's no issue getting them.
  • I second the Badges instead of banners
    +1 badges would be great. i already have 101 banners
  • KarmaTheAlligatorKarmaTheAlligator ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2017
    Haggard86 wrote: »
    Badges drop from easy dungeons, there's no issue getting them.

    And banners drop from even easier dungeons.

    +1 for badges.
  • I would rather have badges too.
  • tbh I'd actually like if eme removed at least the talismans from the pool because this event would totally erase any reason to run vshm
  • VS Normal is easy too though :thinkface:
  • It feels as though EME hasn't listened to anything people have been posting on the forums. There's been multiple different threads started about how VSH just isn't fun to run for the simple fact that the loot is abysmal. There was hardly anyone in my friend group that even needed Talismans because of the VHN event when VSH did come out. Now that they've added yet another free source of Talismans, literally the only reason people will ever want to run VSH is for a belt, and then there will be no further incentive to run that dungeon.

    At the Moment this is just starting to feel like a half hearted attempt to get more people online, about as bad as the AFK 'event'.

    It feels like this is going to kill a big part of the end game community, VSH is not fun to run, and the top level of players will only be able to be entertained with TS, VSnm grind for so long, when it feels completely useless to run the hardest (at the moment) content in the game.

    To sum it up, even without this Weekend event
    TS > VSH because it drops Scales, boxes, and designs at what feels like a higher rate than VSH, and if I'm not mistaken, the design drop pool from TS is even better because it doesn't contain Chest pieces and gloves.
    VSNM > VSH Takes far less than half the time of it's hard mode sister to clear; drops Scales, Boxes, and Badges, and is practically 100% consistent, whereas the Cage bug on Nightmare Imperator can easily wipe even some of the most Experienced parties.
    VHN/HM > VSH Takes Much less time to clear than VSH, drops the exact same designs, drops Same/More Banners and oh hey, drops boxes too....

    You could make an arguement that it's a FAR better use of your time to run Pit of Petrax than VSH, because after 25 1 minute clears you'll at least get a scale to show for your efforts.
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    You know, what I was thinking about, having no event this weekend. For server stability sake I mean. Seriously, we went to VHN, it was so laggy, that each boss took double the usual time to clear, half of iframe skills wasn't even completing, 1 to 2 secs delay, As A slayer I was passing boss and was hitting the air with my combo wombo, our Val couldn't get both phase of crescent shinning most of the time, it was a mess and now remember it was a normal dungeon on an empty hour. now if players get to run TS and server over load again, rawr.

    I have mix feelings, any event is welcomed but recently all the events brought heavy lags too :anguished:
  • 66ECX7NAN766ECX7NAN7 ✭✭✭✭
    I don't enjoy TERA, I just play it for the rewards. LOL
  • KarmaTheAlligatorKarmaTheAlligator ✭✭✭✭✭
    Speaking of the extra reward, is everyone getting one of them randomly each clear guaranteed, or do we have to roll for them?
  • StevenAnthonyStevenAnthony ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2017
    removed talisman of lakan pilss
    can we please get badges instead of banners there has been an event already that everyone has gotten tons of banners from.

    bages droop from vs and vshm, banners are too comond ( and no say about bg jackpot too )

    removed talisman of lakan and banners, and dont add bages pliss,

    add more nocterium pot (like +1 k and 500 nocteriums ) and tier 12 jackpot instead tier 11 x 100 is more rewared instead untradable ( already ) vm mats .
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Meriliah Thanks for explaining too well, this is actually what I am worrying about, giving stuff that hard core players are getting to everyone by such events will actually dishearten hard core players instead of making them happy, why I do have VM9 mats up to the point that in a short time I might be able to craft a VM weap when I haven't run VSH and will never run it.

    Clearing the line between casual and hard core in the name of event to get more players is to play is not helpful. Fixing servers, giving them PVP, giving them content to make them excited to visit Tera each day should happen, rewarding each kind of players for their targets will help, such as stable way to get consumables for VSH runners, I know it is on BHS more than EME, but it should be EME's long term plan, these kind of events can hurt the players that matter. I don't say events should happen, but when they happen they needed to carefully put.

    Players that run hard content, or are hard core pvp players and streaming it, they are the one that matter a lot, they are the face of the community out there, we give an easy +15 to everyone will not really help. It might even lead to them not accomplishing anything when everything gets too easy to get and leave the game and this can really hurt us all.

    VM mats should be rewarded for those which are working for it, not those that just playing the games. A bit of extra VM mats from easier stuff is not a bad idea in general, helps those hard core players have some easy mats and have a relaxing weekend, but the number should be really well planned, so in these case, you better considered hard core players words, not casuals like me, because if I can't run VSH, I might come to forums and ask for mats from VSH on easier dungeon to get my VM w/o getting my hands dirty or spend real money. And this can hurt end game players real bad.

    Cheers, Hoping you all lag free weekend too :winky:
  • PartyblastPartyblast ✭✭✭✭
    tbh I'd actually like if eme removed at least the talismans from the pool because this event would totally erase any reason to run vshm

    Just remove all the VM materials from this jackpot event. Multiple threads have been posted saying VSHM isn't worth running and it's amazing you put a noctenium reward in the jackpot however just allowing for the chance at a VM mat, at A TALISMAN to drop in an easier and more rewarding dungeon is just firing an extra bullet into VSHM to make sure it's dead.
  • Idk why people are so salty about more handouts of vm mats. At this point it doesn't matter anymore if they remove them.
    You do know there's an ongoing jackpot in bgs that gives the talisman as well right, shouldn't they remove that too?

    I say keep the event as it is, whatever. Just less lag pls -_______-!!
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