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Kaiator Badge merchant?

Alright. Got on alt Practicum badge from glyph box. "this badge from the Temple of Temerity is currency for goods from a Kaiator badge merchant".

I searched all city I cannot find this merchant. If it doesn't exist then for what sake this drops from glyph boxes??i could have glyph instead of this thing. This literally means I don't have glyph just "because of reasons".
Or if it exist then put it so people would see him and it would be possible to find.

Question: Merchant does exist and where?

@Denommenator @Halrath if the merchant doesn't exist Is it possible to change those badges for something else I my archer's inventory? So I would have some use of them. Please? It's unfair.

P.s. Second took gets this and again same trouble. :naughty: :bawling:


  • Those were phased out over 2 years ago, run Sabex Armory one time and you will get more than the equivalent of the Practicum Badge.
  • I know about armory and all the ways to get glyphs.
    But the purpose of this thead is a bit another: New players will not dig this information and search on forum where that guy is. Also they don't know about all ways to get glyphs.
    TLDR this this shouldn't be in loot if we cannot use this!
  • If you've done the Argon quest line, you'll find the badge merchant near Tumar's tent outside of Zulfikor Fortress on the Khanovar Front. I tried to interact with the merchant but she doesn't give a shop window, only dialog.
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