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Creator Program for players.

Mod paks? or no? gpk? skins? A thought crossed my mind after checking out several youtube videos about mods for other games and those also for tera in the aspect of skins etc. How about making a creator program that would actually benefit everyone? The idea is to allow people to make Weapon skins, outfits, animal mount skins, attack weapon special effects etc. Why would anyone do this? Well trust me when I say it is a boooming concept for other platforms that I will not name, that have nothing to do with gaming itself but graphics and creativity.

How would this system benefit BHS and EME?

First off in order to be a part of the creator program you would have to be an "Elite" status member of the game. Having the Elite status would give you the ability to have access to the creator program.

This creator program would give the ability for players to make emp from players purchasing either their "derived from" designs or their "Imported fresh creations". Those that bring in new designs would have the option to control whether their design would be derivable or not. Those that derive from creations uploaded would not be able to set their designs as derivable as this prevents pirating others works.

If you are interested to know more about where I get this idea from send me a private message and I will go into more detail and point you in the specific direction in order for you to be familiarized with the idea concept.

This idea implemented I feel could liven up Tera with a new genre of players and clients. This has the potential to make the businesses alot more MONEY. As well as an opportunity for deriving and creating players to make emp in another way.



  • LinXiaoXingLinXiaoXing Jakarta, Indonesia ✭✭
    I dont know this ideas is relevant or not, in fact that, to do those some kind of mods, atlast you has an ability to drawing, specially digital art, understand the system and methode, and that was not easy, and not many players in the game can do that.

    Regardless every requirements and speciality that i said above, rarely an artist would interest in that system, and what i`m thinking as an artist, this methode would not effective, and i know most of koreans game developer they would not-like being interfere about their copyright, and they very-very strict about it.

    This idea bring a same experience with my problems decades ago, about i design some weapon and costumes in some MMORPG, when i do some protest in their forums, they never gives me the credit. :(
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