Guild Additions/ Game improvements.

To start off, i'd like to say that I already know one or two of the things on here have already been added and removed, but I still thought to include them because I think the past should be relived in this sense. For guilds, I think they should bring back guild halls( of course these would be purchased) for guilds to use whether this be in Velika or another domain. I think that this would be better considering people often spend their time waiting in Velika. This could also be one of the customization things to implement. Speaking of customization, I think characters should be able to be customized more. One example of this could be simply coloring things like the ears and tail of an Elin. Further into the topic of characters, I think that instead of focusing on ranks, instead focus on adding perhaps more types of species could be an improvement, or maybe adding more outfits/face options/ hair options to each. Moving on to game improvements, I think their should be more levels to earn. Generally going off of basic RPG style games, the leveling system goes to 100 or above, however in this game leveling stops at 65. More levels means more fun, but it's not at all necessary. I'll add more to this later if anything more comes to mind, and if you don't agree with these, that's on you.


  • Also, if they want to add more to a guild, they could make it so a guild can claim an area (like a private territory) where people within the guild can have their housing. Adding a guild hall in the territory could be interesting too.
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