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Friendship circle shop needs update badly



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    I gave up about these stuff ages ago.

    We talk about FC update, Friendship circle, Fed bills, Reward store, none of them are a priority. :angry:

    and that is why we sould not give up, if we keep complaining about they eventualy need to give in or at least give us some more info instead of ''on it'' :<

    I made a thread about it, and couple of people too, right after EU revamped entire buddyup code, they said not a priority to EME. months past, nothing changed, now rewards are even more crap, threads got buried fast. and I was called name for pursuing that, cause people said that doesn't matter.

    ooh i know but right now they said there working on it so im just gonna keep reminding them that this sould be a priority by now, how hard can it be to update a few ingame item shops? same for other regions, if they can do it so can EME

    it will show that they care about us and not always that 3th party stuff that has been the topic of late, regual none emergency stuff like working on smaller things ingame sould be worked on as well
  • @Spacecats @Halrath @seandynamite Any imformation please if you would be so kind?
  • I'm leveling a char there and yea, friendship shop is much better. There's like 3 pages with comestics and mounts... And oh, not only the lvl 65 person get the token but both parts receive it at lvl 60 and 65.

    Take some notes EME.
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