Ideas for improving existing BGs

I'd like to get some player opinions together on ways to improve the existing Battlegrounds in TERA. Mainly looking for medium and small tweaks to the maps and mechanics. Things we can suggest to Bluehole that wouldn't require major a overhaul, but would be great quality of life changes to keep BGs interesting. Think about what your idea would look like if you saw it written as a patch note.

For example, here are some things I've seen from players in the past:
  • Allow players to queue for multiple BGs at once.
  • Bring back unequalized FWC.
  • Improve vote kicking. Require fewer votes and less time before a player can be kicked.
  • Implement a post-game honor system for players with great attitudes.
  • Increase the HP/Defense of gates in CS.
  • Greatly increase the damage done by bombs in CS.
  • Increase the HP of the Anchorstone in CS.
  • Increase the difficulty of BAMs in FWC.
  • Adjust the point ratio in FWC to make pyres more important.

Regarding loot - if you have an idea for a new loot system to make BGs more rewarding, you can tell us about it, but the focus here is more on mechanics than rewards. Please put some thought into your idea and don't just suggest "better loot." We could hand out diamond dragons to every BG winner and it wouldn't do anything to improve the BG itself.

Please keep the conversation constructive! Sarcasm and caustic remarks will be removed from this thread so that the discussion can stay on course.


  • Haggard86Haggard86 ✭✭✭
    The multiple que suggestion is nice, but won't be as big an improvement with current BGs having one map a day as power hour. If you were to change to double BG power hour layout, then it would help. For example, if 3s and grid were the power hours of the day, those that don't like 3s have a secondary option to choose, and those that don't care can just que for both to speed things up.
  • meowmeowmoomeowmeowmoo ✭✭
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    weren't win/loss tokens suggested a long time ago their should be some sort of currency now that we dont have credits but its up to EME/BHS on the loots and how balanced it could be maybe equal to pve or pvp but also have to keep in mind coming in a few months maybe we will have the new gear progression patch so should also think about the future as well as now

    also why can only pvers get best in slot gear there should be a way for pvp players to get best in slot gear too even if it takes longer or more grindy pvp only players should not be excluded
  • CuteElinCatCuteElinCat ✭✭
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    Remove the stupid HP potion, 5 tier 12 fs, and 3 omin ore from victory box and replace them with better rewards pls.

    its not reward, its punishment. it discourages players to play and enjoy BG.

    Better rewards = motivation, its just simple as that.
    Better rewards for PvP is simply what they need rn, including materials etc. Back when starfall was there you could spend credits for rewards with reasonable prices. Now it's just way to hard to get materials and it's all rng. A system like this would be way better then what they decided to go with now.
  • NPCPakNPCPak ✭✭✭✭
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    I love Kumas Royale and I know I'm not the only one. One of the reasons love this battleground is because it gives me a chance to help players get to LV 65 even though I'm already max level. My request is to have Kumas Royale be a LV 20 - 65 battleground again in TERA NA. If this can get implemented, I'd be eternally grateful.
  • SeraphionSeraphion ✭✭
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    I'm very happy to see this kind of post, thank you!

    - I like the suggested honor system. I currently enjoy it on LoL, it always makes me smile and on TERA it might prevent some toxicity here and there.
    - Please make leading rewarding! Most of the time I find matches where no one wants to lead, because no one wants to deal with idiots + not getting anything for it. I don't need to mention that these matches end in frustrating chaos.
    - I enjoyed the previous credits system. I would like to have a system where any match counts towards gaining credits (winning team earns more than the losing team) so you feel that you're actually making progress and nothing was in vain. I am currently very frustrated when losing, and the box (RNG) rewards don't make me too happy about winning either (even with the BG jackpots). I stopped playing BG's because of that.
  • Bring back the Leaderboards
    Equalize team skyring
    Get rid of kuma and tank bg all together
    New maps for the bgs we've been playing the same maps for 5+ years

    Vote kicking is fine as is, if you make kicking any easier its going to get abused. Don't buff the bombs in cs, we want players to work

    on their teamwork and skill not 1 shot entire raids while not being able to be staggered/stunned. The gates in cs do need to be buffed, i've been in

    raids that break in less than 1 min.
  • This might fall under the "major overhaul" category but the PVP overpoweredness of the Valkyrie class has really messed with battlegrounds. They've thrown off the balance in a huge way with their damage, mobility (almost better than ninja) and their utility (Dark Herald is far better than Lancer Chained Leash.)

    Besides that, many of their skills are strange in comparison to other classes; going through walls (Dreamslash) working through floors (Dark Herald) melee skills that can hit from 20m away (Bloodflower) and just general weirdness.

    An easier suggestion though: perhaps Gridiron and Fraywind achievements could count towards laurels like CS, Kumas Royale and Iron Battleground.
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    1st thing 1st, Biggest improvement is adjusting the Victory Boxes, I stopped doing BGs for this reason. You end up losing 5 games to get one Victory box, and then that one Victory box gives you one battle solution potion, so literally you ruined 1 hour of my game play, and ruined my day, that is the most garbage thing I have seen in any games.

    Bring back Credit rewards or adjust the loots for Victory boxes, anything else can be done after this. This needs to be done now.
  • For example, here are some things I've seen from players in the past:
    Allow players to queue for multiple BGs at once.
    - Yes
    Bring back unequalized FWC.
    - Yes
    Improve vote kicking. Require fewer votes and less time before a player can be kicked.
    - No, FWC I have guildies that will get kicked because another 5 man premade doesn't like one person, not because they are good or bad, but because they just don't like them. Random people will agree because they don't know what is going on and the giant circle begins...
    Implement a post-game honor system for players with great attitudes.
    - Not sure what this would accomplish
    Increase the HP/Defense of gates in CS.
    - Yes
    Greatly increase the damage done by bombs in CS.
    - Not unless the bombs actually render, Grid is notorious for this... Bombs everywhere and nobody can see them coming.
    Increase the HP of the Anchorstone in CS.
    - Its fine where it is
    Increase the difficulty of BAMs in FWC.
    - More hp or endurance
    Adjust the point ratio in FWC to make pyres more important.
    - The old FWC system was great IMO, not sure why it was changed

    My ideas:
    CS: New airship pathways or altitude changes to make them more difficult to shoot down. (Random changes each game)
    All BG's: Surrender button with a vote system
    More people would que if there was a leader board... Pretty sure this has been mentioned multiple times. Not sure why it was taken out.
  • StarSpriteStarSprite ✭✭✭✭
    Adjust the gear stats on equalize gear with things like stun reduction.
  • YberionYberion ✭✭
    What comes to my mind is how to lower the toxicity in solo queue 3s. The problem with 3s is that it becomes too personal. Like you pop in and the priest doesn't like the other dps for w/e reason, so he votes kick and if you don't follow he/she won't like you either, and will afk until you both dps kick the healer, then the other team will kill you or who knows what will happen.

    Then there's the thing that some new players wanna play it and they're not very experienced in pvp mechanics, and they might get matched along a 12 year old reaper with 20 ms ping who knows it all and thinks it's unfair for him to be queued with bad people in his team so he insults them and tells them to not queue again and such.

    Honestly I have no idea how to improve that, removing the option to kick would [filtered] too many people (not the better ones, in my opinion), such a move would imply adding a way to deal with afk people and those who might abuse it. However It seems to me it would help with the team-building many people do by kicking the bad player and telling their friend to take in progress, which completely destroys the poing ot the game matching a somewhat balanced set of player rankings in each team, which doesn't work very good to begin with.
  • DigivolveDigivolve ✭✭✭
    Limit the number of same class quantity to 2 for Fraywind and 3 for Corsair's Stronghold
  • Honestly my favorite parts of previous patches with seperated PvP and PvE gear is that you could buy the design of the VM gear through BG credits as well as the mats and belt, I feel like this should be brought back, while I do like potentially getting instantly rewarded for winning a BG I don't like the "chance" of getting the material you need to craft a piece, with grinding credits you know you'll get rewarded with what you want at the end of it and I liked that satisfaction, personally I feel like putting the deathwrack crafting materials, designs, and more importantly the belt which can only be obtained through PvE should be implemented into a BG credit system like previous times where gearing was a lot more fun for PvPers, I genuinely enjoyed the previous credit system and would love to have it back.
  • Off the top of my head:

    1-Make pyres worth more defending on FWC (increase the points they give just by a little)
    2-Remove the water section of the map, make it all land, it's a good place to fight

    1-Fix the people going through doors and tanks dropping down 2 floors
    2-Buff Balders Vengeance damage ( or just revamp eq gear entirely)

    1- Same as CS, eq gear needs to go
    2- buff heals by at least 25%
    3- Fix valks pulling you from top floor to ground

    Just reduce speed of momma kuma by a bit and make it 1-65 again


    Just give better rewards overall, remove useless stuff like feed/potions from the crates, or implement a token shop.
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