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Account Bound vs. Character Bound Mounts

I know the reason you guys do it, it nets you wayyyy more money if people fall for it and buy 2-4 for their characters vs. one account bound one......but is this REALLY the way you guys are going to go from here on out?
I feel like 1) More people would buy the new mounts of they were account bound, and that would mostly - if not completely - make up the amount of money you're getting by some people getting 2-4 for multiple characters. and 2) It's such a crappy thing for a company to do. No, you're not forcing us to buy anything and YES you can play this game without buying anything, but come onnnnnn. This game doesn't have a plethora of new mounts available to earn in-game by rep or something like WoW, all the new beautiful mounts come from the store........and with the amount of money people give you for costumes, weapon skins, and loot boxes, I really really don't understand why you'd ON TOP OF THAT stop having an account bound option for new mounts.

Is anyone else kinda bummed by this?
I would have bought dragons when they came out, I would have gotten Flopsy, if there were account bound options. Now? I'm not getting either. It's just not worth the investment if it's only character bound. I guess this isn't a problem for people who only have one character they care about, idk - to me this is just kinda crappy and I wanted to vent about it.

I'm not bashing EnMasse and I'm NOT against them making money off their cash store, that's cool, it's just this one thing - removing account bound from new mounts - that I'm having a problem with.
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