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New player struggling to continue playing



  • @ Pbandhealz, hmu if you want to grp for vshm (still learning ourselves). My IGN is Toothbrush

    I feel your pain, a few players and myself who recently came back to Tera (May 2017) are too familiar with these issues which is kind of why we decided to make our own guild so we don't have to depend on skilled players to let us join their grp. I actually have a guild recruiting thread in the recruit section, our guild is called Despicable Wontons if you need some players to play with. We're small with 25 active members currently.
  • Someone added me but i'm not sure who it was, i'm online now if anyone is doing a learner run on MT.
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    You started playing at the start of June, and already want to get top BiS gear at the end of June? While the spirit is good, this is the problem with Tera, fast leveling process and easy time to gear up, resulting in people wanting to get BiS gear when they just play the game for one month, possibly not master their classes yet.

    Deathwrack is absolutely not a must-have for healers, and given the timeframe that you have been playing the game, I really doubt you have enough materials to craft them anyway. My suggestion is to buy some cheap Ambush pieces on broker and stick with them, you'll have easier time looking for party to run VSNM/HM and such. Deathwrack can come later.

    I started 2 months ago... and I haven't got a single deathwrack piece yet. Is it so bad to want to have even got 1/4 of my deathwrack gear within 2 months? or do you think it should take someone a whole year for each character to get deathwrack.

    I also have mastered mystic to the best of my ability, could I learn more? sure, everyone can do better things but I've hit a wall in terms of finding practice runs, not lack of my ability to heal. I do have enough materials to craft my 1st piece actually, with enough talismans I can craft a 2nd piece too.

    Back when I first started, I took 5 months to really learn the (pre-rework) sorc inside out. That was when Fireblast (now Meteor Strike) could aggro mobs just on the casting animation. We aren't even talking about going into end-game dungeons yet, just learning rotations, getting used to not facetanking anything at all, etc etc.

    It then took me 2 extra months (Note that means 7 months) to get my first +15 gear. Granted, I could easily have gotten +15 Lucid back then, but I chose to abstain from runs even when others have invited me. I spent more time on midtier dungeons and Corsair's.

    I personally feel that the players nowadays are really spoiled. +15 is a norm. But really you don't need +15, not as a healer. The difference between a +12 and a +15 is really only visible in OWPvP scenarios. I only realise that once I started my 2 year national conscription slightly more than a year back and only had 2-ish days a week to play.

    What you really need as a healer is practice and reaction time. If you can successfully healthrough a completely trap party in IMS complete with maintained perfect debuffs and healer mechs, you are ready to try any dungeon in the game with a competent group. In MT it isn't just about the gear but the name. Do well and anyone would let you in. But exactly this is the difficult part of the game.

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