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Selling a bunch of Human-Castanic-Elf swimwear MT Server.

I'm selling a bunch of Human-Castanic-Elf Swimwear from the Summer's Event. I have quite the inventory of swimwear doing the event almost everyday with 7 characters. My times are 6pm-12am CENTRAL TIME usually. I don't guarantee exactly and sometimes I might be online later or earlier than 6pm. Sometimes I might be online until 1am or I might go off at 11pm depending on an early morning schedule. Please PM me by parcel and I can make a reserve if I have it. If I don't have the item, I'm sorry. Some are dyeables and most are not. I will provide free dye with purchase from the trade, so that you can dye whatever color you want on those dyeables. The swimwear boxes are around 4K-5K at the cheapest or so at the moment, however the reason why the swimwear is higher in price in broker is because you don't know what expect by the outcome of opening those boxes, and the event is over. Especially if you might get a dyeable or not.

I will go cheaper than broker always! I might go 500gold to 1K off price, depending on the swimwear fashion. I'm trying to get rid of all these swimwear.


  • MistyTeraMistyTera ✭✭
    edited August 2017
    Character name is Phoenixkiss, that's my alt-slayer;exactly as you see it. It would be Phoenix.Kiss, but I didn't know about the period thing to be able to do another capital letter, when I first started the game. I don't play her much, but I will check my parcel for messages. Also most of the time I will be online on that character, trying to sell items at most later during the night. I also have some accessories too; still anything is cheaper than broker.
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