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I personally think having Damage Meters as an actual game feature due to the only possible way of getting one of these is to use Third Party Applications, and as this is against the rules. I think that it should be a function that should be implemented into the game, due to so many people wanting these and there's many good reasons for it..

Like being able to see your damage within a Dungeon, as there's no way to see that at all, it would also be good just in general, questing, PvPing Etc.

If you think this would be a good this would be for Tera, drop some feed back as all the feedback shows them how much we need this :)
If you like this idea, how would you use it? what would you like to see and how often would you use it!


  • I agree that damage meters serve a nice purpose of benchmarking skill across players and dungeon runs. If 3rd party apps are an issue reinstate score runs/skycastles...especially since BRHM just came back, and Skycruiser endeavor stayed in the dungeon list for so long, and came back as a challenge dungeon, which I never see LFGs for
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    This is a great idea that will never happen. A while back there was a Q&A thing done with one of the game's developers in Korea, as part of some devnotes thing. I can't remember the dude or the name of the document, but it was an interview done around the time Harrowhold was about to come out for the first time. This dev was hyping it hard, you could tell he was happy about the dungeon. Anyway, at some point in that interview he was asked about DPS meters and basically said that they would never be a thing because they didn't fit the team-based theme of the game, and made people more focused on numbers instead of being team players. While I won't say I've never seen that occur, I think he's wrong to straight up not give us the option for even a single personalized meter that just shows our own damage, because ... well, let's be real here. This game doesn't offer a lot of content at a single given time. Having a measuring stick for one's damage is like a high score that motivates players to try a dungeon again to improve; it gives Tera the replayability and depth that it so desperately needs to stay entertaining after players have done the same dungeon a dozen times for a [filtered] reward.

    Then you have the issue of class guides. Look at all the guides we have filled with charts and in depth information about which skills are optimal, which skills do a really specific percentage of your total DPS, etc etc. I don't want to generalize, but I think it's safe to say that every recent and good guide about this game has used dps meters to gather their information. I don't think there's anything wrong with this, but clearly bluehole thinks they're the devil and EME will ban people for using them now. It's just another thing that could've given this game life, that the dumbass devs cut down.
  • I think that addressing this subject isn't practical due to the legal terms of use. But more importantly, addressing this subject is not really necessary. For one, DPS meters exist and are being used, imo, probably by just about everyone, including the people that write DPS guides, and including people on the player council. I cant even estimate how many people would stop playing, if third party software was really such a huge "game breaking" problem for the game devs. Ive said this in other places: if they really got more into killing the software usage, as they are obligated to state, then they would effectively kill the game. I believe they know this.

    Our feedback are things they already know, and its more then likely that EME are probably powerless to support this openly. You can also say the same argument over side-client solutions to reduce ping, as well as various optimizations to fix FPS issues. EME knows this, everyone knows about these things, but officially they have to continue barking at this tree. Its they're job. "Keeping up appearances", if you will. They have to advocate the terms of use, even if some might not agree with all of them.

    There is a system tab that calculates you're damage for you. Its a nasty, but theirs that too.
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