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[TR] 65 Priest/Mystic/Archer looking for a casual PvE guild.

edited August 2017 in Guild Recruitment

I'm a twenty-one college student who enjoys playing Tera in my down time. I've played for a little over two years now on my priest, only recently trying out other classes. My potential play time is around 8am ~ 12pm, 6pm ~ 12am CST. I enjoy doing guild quests, but I'm afraid I can't do anything over BRHM at the moment. I prefer a guild mostly made of players eighteen years or older so I can be around peers of a similar age group. If you're still hanging on here, please send me a message or post below! :)

Side note: I do have a guile lancer alt, but I'm a bit fearful to use her. So I typically only play her on an as-needed basis. :s
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