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  • TheDarkWanTheDarkWan ✭✭✭
    edited August 2017
    I recommend extending the event time, and lower bam summons and keep players engaged in the game by allowing the players to farm the mobs,
    also please allow mobs to respawn as long as the event is active.
  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭
    Nyxeros wrote: »
    The amount of hits is fine seeing as you can get the boxes at a fair rate, the nocts though should either be removed so we have better odds at the rest of the items,or buffed up to a fair 5 or 10 nocts on kill, and the salt should just be removed for 5 nocts. (basically 5 and 10 nocts would be much better, but the hit number is justified due to box drops).

    Keep the nocs and better get rid of salt.
  • I said either remove to increase the odds of other items (like the semi or the boxes to drop), or buff up their numbers. :P
  • only complaint is i really wish the mobs were a continuous spawn... i love love love hunting all day when i'm just relaxing. the hit thing is rly annoying but i will deal with it.
  • TWMagimayTWMagimay ✭✭✭✭✭
    (by the way, you noticed it doesn't fight back, right?)

    Why are you saying this like it's a good thing?! "Welcome to Tera, the best action MMO in the world. For this event, we'll have you stand in one place, pressing the same 2-3 buttons for anywhere between 15 and 45 seconds. Are you not entertained?!" *sigh*
  • FirianFirian ✭✭
    edited August 2017
    I'm a level 65 Sorc and Coudn't even kill those stupid mobs

    o_o how could you not? it's the easiest, just spamming hail storm, lightning trap and flame pillar... and some dodges from time to time. They fall in less than a minute.

    Now, on the other business I've been reading of, yes, the hit count is quite awful for healers. While I'm main sorc, my tera bff mains priest, and did take an awful lot of time either killing these or breaking the capsules :/ it was quite frustrating to see.
    We ended up partying, though, and together we did awesome X'D you know, bringing together like 5 or 6 of these, so while I took them down I got heals and ended splitting the rewards about evenly... but yes... not every priest will have a multi-hitting class available to party with them :| It definitely should be fixed, since healers are not the only ones affected with the 100+ hit life. Classes like Slayer or Berserk would have trouble too, as their skills tend to be single hit and with a small delay between them. Hope something can be done about it o/

    Edit: Also, would it be possible to either keep the small argons spawning for the lenght of the two hours as it happened in the halloween event, or have the BAMs spawn one at a time every x minutes? The main hunt takes less than 1 hour I think, and the remaining argons are slain pretty quickly or they despawn, so the map ends up just normal with 45 minutes of event without any event-related stuff :|
  • StevenAnthonyStevenAnthony ✭✭✭✭
    TheDarkWan wrote: »
    I recommend extending the event time, and lower bam summons and keep players engaged in the game by allowing the players to farm the mobs,
    also please allow mobs to respawn as long as the event is active.

    no, 3 weeks is no enough
  • JXE5356AKE wrote: »
    The event is NOT intended to last any specific amount of time. The events, as stated, will BEGIN anywhere in the predefined 2 hour timeblock but when the invasion is repelled, it will end until the next window. In fact, the event lives on well past the 2 hour window to make sure everyone has time to clear everything.

    The soldiers and their leaders are being dispatched in groups; when the groups arrive it's a free for all!

    I just reread the promo page a few times and have to say it's vague. Thanks for the clarification now I guess?

    Are the mobs spawned proportionate to server population? Just out of curiosity.

    I agree - I'll see if we can make it more clear; I appreciate your pointing that out.

    The mobs are actually spawned in exactly the same amounts across all servers, zones, and channels. No special treatment from these invaders!
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