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Elite Discounts???

Anyone else think the Elite Discount section is rather pathetic?
I mean come on, I don't expect two mounts for ten bucks or anything, but a little more than what you have would be nice! Heck, I'd go as far to say elite discounts should include everything in the store at best, and at the very least it should include far farrrrrrrrrr more than what it currently covers. In it's current state "Elite Discounts" shouldn't even be included as a perk, seeing as how there's nothing but some innerwear LOOTBOXES(not even guarded innerwear items!) and freaking spellbind in that section anyways.

I'm not trying to beat up on the company and dog you guys for no reason, I love this game and I'm just trying trying to give constructive feedback. If you're going to list store discounts as a perk of being Elite, MAKE IT A REAL PERK.
You guys need a minor rework......kinda like you did for some of your older classes.
Beef up the Elite Discounts.
Get off the over-priced Character Bound Only Mounts and bring back Account Bound mounts.
Offer more costumes and lower the price a tad.
Reevaluate some of the prices you have on things in general.
Give us more weapon skins*for a slightly better price).
Get the community involved in making costume/weapon-skin designs again.

Ugh, again, I'm not hating on you guys I just don't understand. This elite discount page is a joke at best, an infuriating insult at worst.. -.-


  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭
    The whole cash shop needs a revamp.

    Not only Elite discounts section.
  • I've always cringed at the discounts
  • The Elite Discounts point in particular is one that I've brought up a fair bit with EME as well. I agree that, given that it's going to be called out as a category, it could used much more effectively.
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