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Seriously? Did nobody notice this? A clear case of stereotyping.

Hello Tera Online players. I'm here at my desk on a warm Saturday evening to type to you about what I witnessed this Thursday which both left me shocked and dissapointed. I want to start off by saying that I was not born an African American (I am technically white, however I identify as beige to disassociate myself with my people's sin) , however since I have a few friends who were I feel as though I am suitable to bring this topic out to light for them. I already checked with the three of them to find out if they mind me speaking up about this issue and they all told me that they don't care (I don't understand why, this is an extremely important issue). The problem that I witnessed this Thursday was STEREOTYPING of the african american race in En Masse advertising. Now I have many problems with Tera Online that I have yet to speak up about (how it depicts women as bags of milk, how it promotes the idea of people sending animals out to fight for them (popori), how there are no vegan options for the food buffs. absolutely no worship to mother [filtered] or her 7 laws and last but not least the extreme lack of equality between female and men in this game however this is an issue which is near and dear to me as my African American friends would probably be really hurt about this if they knew exactly what was going on here.


I edited this picture from the shop to free my Spirit of the shackles wrongfully imposed upon it. What on earth is this supposed to be? Are we living in 1930 where it's still okay to whip people for having darker skin than us? Where it's okay to stereotype an entire group of people to make a sale? Absolutely not. Where is the respect? The Honesty? The SHAME. I'm extremely dissapointed in you EME for first of all not having the respect to pay homage to the African American's peoples descent as well as to stereotype them in such an offensive way. You have never used a black model before, this is the first time and it is for these "Straight out of Kaiator" costumes (clearly paying disrespect to N.W.A. and everything that they have done for the WORLD, not just the African American community.) The model clearly looks as though he is "high" (probably on Cocaine or Marijuana) and I bet you thought that was supposed to be a funny joke that no one would notice. Well I noticed. And are you trying to say that this is how all African American people dress? Because one out of three of my African American friends does NOT dress this way. I have been able to put up with all your other nonsense Tera Online, but this is the absolute bottom line. I cannot sit and remain quiet while my friends hurt inside.


  • That's racistic towards black hats. You don't tolerate black hats like you tolerate red, pink and green ones? And tbh, afroamericans use a lot of other colors than black too, rite?

    Kitty can't tolerate you.
  • TWMagimayTWMagimay ✭✭✭✭✭
    You know kittens have hit the fan when you look at a post like this and legit wonder if OP is being serious or sarcastic.
  • aeyrebabyaeyrebaby ✭✭✭
    feminzii wrote: »
    (I am technically white, however I identify as beige to disassociate myself with my people's sin)

    lmao im [filtered] crying

  • I understand your point and the bringing up of vegan food and popori was quite refreshing.

    However, unless you already have a stereotype of the picture, you wouldn't think that way. At my first look at the hat, all i thought was "oh a cool BLACK COLORED cap". I don't think "Black" refers to black people in general.
  • JenieveJenieve ✭✭✭
    cough Dafi cough
  • FleettFleett ✭✭✭✭
    Such troll, I'm dying of laughter
  • PlagueFWCPlagueFWC ✭✭✭
    God it's just ridiculous how this political correctness is taking over the world.
    I can't even say something as simple as "Black paint." anymore.

    Nowadays i have to say "Jamal, could you please paint my house for me?"
  • Gr8 b8, m8. I r8 8/8
  • KaaiYuKaaiYu ✭✭
    This is gold. Like, the kind of gold you make chains for hip hop outfits for.
  • Seriously? Did nobody notice this topic? A clear case of idiocy.
  • LOOOL wut?! Pretty sure its called that cause the hat is black? Ever thought about that?

    All hat lives matter!

  • I sexually identify as a hat and I find this discriminating to my people and I am offended.
  • LoculiLoculi ✭✭
    As a social justice warrior it's my solemn duty to tell you this; you're trying too hard.
  • This is beautiful material to read before going to bed
  • RoFL, I was thinking when I saw the Straight Outta Compton reference, that is so racist, but in a joking manner. I never expected anyone to make a post about it, serious or not.
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