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Downloading game - new player, anything starting out

As title states, I'm a new player (still downloading the game on Steam while I'm at work).
I'm a seasoned MMORPG player but not used to F2P games.

Is there anything in particular i should keep in mind with Tera? Any suggestions on classes? Server? Race?
Is there any friend-referral system that would benefit me and you?


  • Welcome to Tera!

    Not really, just got to get used to your skills and don't give up on leveling, take your time with it. Server wise, not sure but if you roleplay then CH RP is the one for you. Race/Class, any is fine and choose one to your liking, you can make more races/classes later if you want to try different ones and same with servers.

    Yes there is a friend-referral system!
    It's called BuddyUp!

    Once you hit level 40 on any char, you can create a code for your friends and you both get prizes for each time they level to 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65! It's better if the page and link explain it! tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/buddyup-system

    My name is Moonpelt and I'm on CelestialHills rp server aka CH RP as stated in the sentence above.

    Oh also take the time to explore and look around in high graphics, expect Velika, tis Velika laggy with high graphics sometimes and HAVE FUN TOO!
  • If you want my discord to talk/meet up more in Tera here: Moonpelt#1625

    I have work from 5am - 9am central timing so I'll be on around idk 10am or 10:30am - through out the rest of the day
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