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The best Glitch ever?

1st, I was a bit free so I say lets finish vanguard story quest with Gunner, got to Ex Prima and got to the point to use my Invisibility potion and I had HB-7 summoned, so while I was invisible, noticed HB-7 is taking aggro from mobs and they are chasing it but can't attack it, cause heck they shouldn't have even chase him lol, should have take a screenshot.

But this one is the best, Truth Serum works really really good.
When you use the Serum, she lies on the ground and waits for you to open box, it took me longer to open box, so she just respawned and then I saw the lying one got up and started to attack herself, she kept doing that till she killed her, then again lied on the ground and after I was done with chest, she despawned lol, That was sick rofl
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