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New Race?? Unlock classes for all

Hi i am a returning player and really do enjoy Tera but... i find gender and race locking classes a bit rough. Why not have certain classes as must have max lvl toon. Plus i do enjoy they new classes but i do prefer males over females kinda sucks when some of the males are already feminine.

A new race qould also be nice. Maybe some kind or dragonkin/naga/merfolk or also would like to see a fullsized furry toon elin and popori are cute and all but where is the beast that means business (wolf/tiger/lion).

Would also like to see class costumes you get from fashoon coupons dyeable or more a colour selection.

I came back and started a valk and got me my free ladylove. But the problem i am having is finding myself a battle outfit to match my pink wolf and hair. Yes i had to make a female sadly had no other choice.
Problem is though i dont want no frofro girly out fit i wanna be a mean loking valk rocking in pink

Anyone else have sugestions on unlocking classes for males and all race.
And any on a new race??
New classes are fun and all but new back story is more enjoyable


  • Wii be male brawler. Finally. This is sick and stupid to lock classes.
  • it's not like they just press a button and everything gets unlocked
    it's a [filtered] load of work for something that 5% of players are actually gonna make use of
  • If i was at their shoes, i would :

    - Read this complaints about Gender lock classes, which are 4 atm.
    - Remind my self that the game offer : Priest, Mystic, Warrior, Slayer, Lancer, Berserker, Archer = 7 Classes, for H.Elfs, Humans, Castanics, Aman, Popori, Elins and Baraka = 7 Freaking Races.
    - Look at other recent games on Market, like Bdo** for example, which offer 14 classes that are 100% Gender/Race Locked.
    - Take a Look on the high Population & Money numbers this games are generating.

    >> And then, i'll proceed to list this kind of suggestions under COMPLETELY STUPID Folder.

    **Bdo, is just an example, there are many games out there with far less options to choose from when it comes to Races & Classes, and those games either have similar or higher population than Tera.

    If you think 4 gender locked classes are too much to handle, then you might get a heart attack exploring the reality of todays MMOs.
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