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Priest Movements when using skills.

This might be an insignificant thing to others. Let's get that out first because I know there will be trolls on the subject.

Priest being main healer in the party should have a bit more mobility I think.

Things like this will need to be taken into consideration for the console controller anyway.

There are a couple of classes off memory of observation that are able to use certain skills requiring magic or aiming to a target, with the ability to continue moving. While there are some other classes that do not and I feel it hinders a classes major potential.

When the priest is running and uses the self heal, and heal others skill it automatically stops moving to use the skill. I think if this ability was "fixed" to be able to move and heal at the same time that it would be a huge improvement for the class as a "first step."

I just want to focus on that one thing right there and not everything about the class. Just that one thing right now.

Another thing that is interesting is when the class skill is used. The toon automatically faces the front instead of being able to be facing in any direction and use the skill.

As a person that loves animation and graphics this is kind of a downer on the enjoyment of what the class can do. It's also one of the things I think that make the class hard on those that complain the most about healing. That one little thing. I think if it were to improved, would make a giant number happy. Maybe even ecstatic.


  • dunno, it'd make pvp rather annoying. changing it would require other changes to make it balanced.
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