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So some players actually affect TERA??



  • Don't make complaints and/or try to make comparisons between KTERA and NA TERA. If Bluehole Studio want things different here, so be it. Just play through the patch to get more desired tokens if you wish.
  • @JasonLucas OFF topic.

    Nothing new?? KTERA patch note os open to world-wide public. But the selected players got sensitive info before EME make it public.

    I am not talking about profit. Those selected people got infor beforehand, and leaked it to their friends, and some exploit began.

    Indeed, the last word from EME staff is still "conspiracy theory" while the thing is very obvious.
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    Remove the tinfoil hats. As I stated in the original post, EME did not create these ratios; nor did any players. The conversion rates were created by the BHS design team BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF MATERIAL IN THE CURRENT ECONOMY. NA TERA players have A LOT MORE materials in their possession than the other territories, by incredible amounts.

    Again, let me repeat that for anyone that doesn't understand:

    EME did not create the conversion rates. The BHS design/dev team did and passed it along to us, and today we passed it along to you.

    If you want to blame the player, excuse me but NO, i blame spacecats and his stupid mongos.

    Now posts like this are counter-productive, and will just sour the relationship further between EME and the player base. Insulting EME won't get the job done. Pointing out a problem is one thing. Insulting them for said problem is another.
    YN4K3A6E5R wrote: »
    Perma ban kamizuma, he knew the rates before anyone else and sold all his [filtered] before the maket crash. #BANKAMI

    This also won't do anything. Don't witch-hunt users.

    it is very apparent you have mad skillz with business, awesome to read thank you.
  • https://terasource.tumblr.com/

    States the affects a few people can have on the economy when given information ahead of everyone else, thanks EME. Tin foil hat please @seandynamite
  • oblit smart boxes +15 scroll or riot
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    Hi there, everyone. This post has gotten a bit out of hand. We'll be making an official statement on this later today, but in the meantime, I'll be closing this thread. Stay tuned for more info!
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