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Statement Regarding Yesterday's Release of Dismantling Rates

After reading the responses to our post yesterday containing the dismantling conversion rates for enchanting materials post-patch and the controversy surrounding the early leak of this information, we felt it necessary to clarify a few things:

  1. The information provided to select individuals was granted for the sole purpose of aiding content creation in the form of guides and was not intended to grant a competitive advantage.
  2. This information was not distributed with the intent of soliciting external feedback, which is why it wasn’t put in front of the TERA Player Council. The new gear progression system is complex and has far-reaching impacts on TERA’s economy. The conversion rates were provided by the game design team and were arrived at based on the volume of materials in our economy in order to align it with the intended design of the new gear progression system.
  3. Alone, these conversion rates do not paint a full picture of the changes rolling out with the patch next Tuesday. The token shop prices, the amounts of materials that tokens are exchanged for, the different materials needed for enchanting, and other details of the new system have not yet been publicly shared in an official capacity by En Masse Entertainment.

It is unfortunate that this information was exploited by some individuals for personal gain. We understand the implications of this and will be launching an investigation in order to identify those players that may have benefitted and take appropriate action. Any resulting action that we decide as a result of this investigation will not be shared with the public. This is in line with our policy of only discussing disciplinary actions solely with the account owners for privacy reasons.

Today, we met to discuss the many ways this went awry of our intentions. Our sharing of this information with community members was well-intentioned. The goal was to provide a recognized community outlet official information to kick-start a working relationship in an effort to provide the community more comprehensive and helpful guides--content for players, created by players, with official support from EME.

In doing so however, we were perhaps a bit overzealous in that we failed to put in place the necessary precautions that would prevent this information from being abused. In the future, any partner will be required to commit to a non-disclosure agreement before sensitive information is shared with them (as is our usual practice). In addition, sensitive information of this nature will no longer be distributed until immediately before release of the relevant content. These small adjustments in our approach to user-generated content could have prevented a lot of the issues that the community (rightfully) had with this specific release of information.

We will be posting the full details of the new gear progression system this coming Thursday to the Arsenal promotional page. This will be followed by a Twitch stream on Friday where the system is discussed at length and we take questions from the community.

The TERA Team at En Masse
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