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[FF] Twitch Streamer Seeking Guild Affiliation for future Extra Life Play Games Heal Kids Event.

I guess if I am going to take baby steps as a streamer, this is as good a place as any to start. I am new to streaming and have been playing around with the experience of it. I haven't got the extra life even scheduled just yet and haven't got my business finalized to be able to do the event just yet. I have a few more things to do before I can actually Set up or be involved in the extra life event. I'm on disability so I'm pretty sure I need to get with my social security office first to get a ticket to work thing going there. Being on disability and streaming for "money" might be complicated as I've not done an extra life event before. So there is alot of communication that still needs to be done and things need to be crystal clear for me.

In any case, besides the extra life event. I'm seeking to throw my priest character in a guild that has an experienced Priest to possibly show me the ropes on pvp down the road. I have the twitch desktop app, and I have discord as well. Would be nice if I could use the twitch desktop app voice feature if possible If not then I can use discord.

Please send me a message directly if this is something you feel you can work with me on. Thanks
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