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no rollback?

why are people allowed to abuse 10k conversion on badge of loyalty with no rollback lol you could legit buy and then dismantle badge of loyalty for insane tokens hello eme???


  • You know what the saying is...early bird gets the worm...
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    well, we thought they gonna make things fairer and less stupid easy and less hands out, a line between pro players and casual. Were wrong about all this as heck, they just ruined economy. Yeah, I am getting there and that might make a lotta people happy.
  • SpacecatsSpacecats admin
    edited October 2017
    Hey guys, as far as we're aware there's a discrepancy between the conversion rates in the original chart (which we got from Bluehole and passed on to EM to use in their guide) and the actual dismantling results for Talismans, Badges, and Banners. It looks like some last minute build changes made it so three items on the chart were incorrect. We're working with EM to get their guide updated.

    Nothing has changed about these rates between this morning's brief uptime and now.

    Check out this comment by Denommenator.
    Here's what we found as it relates to the dismantling rates of the following items: Talisman of Lakan, Badge of Loyalty, and Lakan's Banner.

    It was communicated that these items would dismantle to 400, 240, and 80 Entropic Emblems, respectively. In fact, this is not true and appears to be a mistake in our build notes. Instead, they convert to 4,800, 2,880, and 960 Metaphoric Emblems. This appears to be the intended design based on our analysis of the game files and the (incorrect) documentation we received.

    Those three items turn into Metamorphic Emblems instead of Etropic. The numbers are higher, but stuff also costs more in the Metamorphic shop. If you have info about possible abuse of the shops please post it here. As far as we know these are working as Bluehole intended.
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