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iLvl Requirement for FWC.



  • Maleficent94Maleficent94 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017
    Personally I think full +5 Frostmetal should be the gear requirement. It’s actually pretty decent.
  • > @ch0ob said:
    > Arnetra wrote: »
    > There is no point in lowering the ilevel requirement, the EQ gear is very good, especially compared to the old gear from what I've seen, didn't get too good a look at it, I will maybe try to later to fully check it out but I was queuing on my main with own gear earlier so I didn't get a too much of a chance earlier.

    > Pretty much this. EQ gear right now is probably the best out of every past implementation of it.

    >Do we play the same BG I literally never have mana in the new gear and top tier does hella damage on eq gear...
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