[TERA PC] With anniversary concluded and our servers stabilized, we are re-enabling the Adventure Coin system, starting 10 a.m. PT on June 5 (Fri) with the scheduled Weekend Dungeon Highlight. Thank you for understanding.
[TERA PC] We confirmed that an issue with Civil Unrest persists, so Civil Unrest will remain disabled until further notice. Thank you for understanding.

Potential bug regarding vanguards, needs clarification



  • Bumping this thread as we have an update to share:

    Following maintenance tomorrow, the following Vanguard Requests will award Metamorphic Tokens as additional rewards:

    Complete Thaumetal Refinery = 540 Metaphoric Tokens
    Complete Kalivan's Dreadnaught = 540 Metaphoric Tokens
    Complete Lilith's Keep = 540 Metaphoric Tokens
    Complete RK-9 Kennel = 1350 Metaphoric Tokens
    Complete Thaumetal Refinery (Hard) = 1350 Metaphoric Tokens
    Complete Lilith's Keep (Hard) = 1350 Metaphoric Tokens
    Complete Sky Cruiser Endeavor = 1350 Metaphoric Tokens
    Complete the Pit of Petrax = 100 Metaphoric Tokens

    These rewards mirror those offered in K-TERA.

    Following our upcoming Kyra's Pop-up Potion Shack event, Metaphoric Tokens will also be added as additional rewards to Island of Dawn VGs (they'll award catalysts instead during the event).

    I cannot believe that i am actually going to press the like button on the EME forums.

    If this is a glitch in the matrix then it better last for a while :D

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