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Kyra's Potion Stack -- WHY



  • Ves1978Ves1978 ✭✭✭✭
    HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
    why isnt RG KC and SF included ? honestly, why cant you guys (eme) stick to a plan that works.
    if an event is a huge success then keep that format. dont change it.
    we (the players) could easily make a "check list" to apply to each half-thought out event:
    -include all dungeons
    -up to date prizes
    -patch appropriate mats
    -reset scroll issues ?
    -ask the player council ..or simply ask for some suggestions in one of the streams and make them useful :).
    - will there be a separate crystal for non-costume rewards? like the red on on the right last kyras event.

    they never asked player council or community, they just came up with event and sometimes got lucky and managed to make people happy. like blue boxes kyra was awesome, then next one was a complete fail. imo best kyra's event was last one when most lvl 65 dungeons were included.
  • TewiiTewii ✭✭✭
    Pretty obvious that EME is being super careful about what they're putting into Kyras with the exclusion of enchanting mats and new costumes. I saw in this thread someone suggesting gems as if they aren't enchanting mats, and someone suggesting the brand new mummy outfit to be put in as if that wouldn't slaughter any interest in players buying it with EMP (demand and the 'need' to get stuff is highly diminished when you can get stuff for free via events - look at literally any old loot box which is unsafe to buy as it's contents could be in literally any event in a few weeks' time).

    This is the community that calls out for themselves to be listened to.

    Honestly I'm glad with the way EME is approaching this event. They aren't strongarming it as they have done in the past and are putting low risk items into the pot as well as not inserting any mats at all. We've had enough broken events as-is. Could they have spiced up the accessory variety a bit? Sure. Perm disco ball? Sure. Ghost Knight Helm? Sure. Stoles? Sure. I can agree with all of that but this thread seems to be acting as if this 'lackluster' event is the end of the world.
  • TWMagimayTWMagimay ✭✭✭✭✭
    CCR5NWPMCD wrote: »
    i like this kiras,

    no bot farm in dungeons ( LFG KC x16 -- stormcry +9 only,)

    no flood mats , for lazy people who cry cuz they cant craft cuz they spend to much time.
    CCR5NWPMCD wrote: »
    It doesn't need to be enchanting mats added, just stuff to improve QoL.

    Crafter's Cures should really be in this, considering the revamped crafting of the patch. There are constantly people hammering away in the HW crafting area whenever I'm there. And I myself would like to create Darics, Gems, etc. at a faster pace than the non-changed 4000 Production Points we have still.

    crafter cures are aviable from Entropic Tokens and peddler merchat, aslo you can get 1525 pp every day. no issues

    You are not me, so don't assume how I play the game. Thank you.

    well, dont assume all wants crafter cures in their kiras

    he didnt though. need is the key word here. you need them, whether you know it or not. so take your damn cure and get on with it!

    Crafter's Cures should really be in this, considering the revamped crafting of the patch. There are constantly people hammering away in the HW crafting area whenever I'm there

    im need
    im need all kiras get 10 k emp, 1 kira = 2500 emp ,
    im need 8000 k pp every day

    im need is the keyword here

    considering thats a incorrect sentence, your not gonna get it. its "I NEED" not im.

    One should be mindful of their own grammar when trying to police others.
  • complaining, complaining rinse afk repeat in every post, that's all you see in this forum. can't please you all and the people going and do the event. LAWD. OH! I get it this the forums are full of more babies than adults ok I understand now.
  • A well balanced event and all everyone does is complain. If you want to get [filtered] handed to you through events just play maplestory or dfo.

  • As we've noticed, most of people are not happy with those rewards. The costumes are cool and all but most of the community plays to farm consumables. As we know, farming consumables already is a "tradition" during the Kyra event. It is, along with the costumes, the main reason for people to farm the catalysts. Anyone who has tried enchanting their gear has already noticed that it's not as simple or easy as it seems... We do need a lot of tokens, especially Entropic; we used to consider the Kyra event one of the best events in game exactly because we could easily farm mats to enchant our stuff... That said, EME should consider changing those prizes. Having in mind that lots of active players have left the game, making a good rewarding event would help keep it running, because, honestly, even now that we are supposed to run dungeons for gear experience, the game isn't much of alive as it was once before.
    Please, have in mind that the events are our main way to get consumables, especially now that gold is so inflated because of the new gearing system. People won't buy costumes or pets out, for example. Not as much as they used to before, whatsoever, given that gold is more important now than it has ever been - and people are focusing their gold on gear expenses mainly. And the event should not be focused on a cosmetic farming.
    Also, the last thing I would like to point out is: you guys really need to stop excluding the new players. Since old players are long gone because they have no will to play the game any longer, at some point, only new or sightly new players will be left along with a few old ones, who stuck around. Why am I saying that? I know the game structure is up to BHS but EME could intervain during Event times, and an event such as Kyra's Potion Shack can be much of an including event. What does that mean? Well, undergeared players could actually run dungeons, therefore they'd get a better gear and would progressively increase their item level, which woulda keep them playing, for sure. Because it might be very discouraging for a new player not to be able to run dungeons or to be stuck at one set piece of gear forever - they'll most likely quit as well. Gotta remember that no players, no game. So, summing it up: please, consider other dungeons to reward catalysts as well. Item Level is really difficult to get now and people can't always LFG, so only three level 65 dungeons isn't enough. People will most likely be able to do 4 runs of TRNM and that is it, I honestly don't see how it is fair.
    Anyway, it's just an opinion. The event is great and it has a great potential to be much much better if the prizes were better. Better in matter of consumables, because Kyra shouldn't be focused on cosmetics only, really. I do admit everyone (including myself) is way too used to get consumables during this event so, why change it now? I mean, there is no way to "farm" Entropic Emblems so having it as a reward (even if it's a rare jackpot) would be very encouraging. The only actual good consumable prize, that everyone has been asking for, is Smart Dyads Structures. For that, thank you, but hey, consider the game situation now, tokens are very important.
  • Just making it clear: not everyone has ilvl for RK-9 or TRHM. So people would be able to run 4 TRNM only, when they could do a lot more. Also as for the undergeared players view, having a motivation for more geared/older players to run dungeons, would increase the activity of the game thus making it much easier on undergeared players to play and ENJOY the game, seen they'd gear up and keep being even more active after the event.
    That is it.
    I'm glad we're having an event and I know it's annoying to complain but I think it's a valid point. Hopefully everyone will enjoy and play and have funs!!
  • We'll be getting metamorphic tokens from vanguards after the maintenance so that covers tokens. Entropic are from spending VG credits and dismantling old stuff. So if you want them there is that route.

    The only rewards I'd like to see added are mounts and SES.
  • Clearly u dont get why this "revamp" is better for Eme. EMP = Gold = more money for them. P2w players are happy now. I find it mostly a crap revamp. Now people that wants cosmetics will buy EMP to get them, thats what eme wanted.
  • Up to 16x IoD quests on each alt. Depending on amount of catalysts maybe, but if already doing it anyway...

    Of course, it would have been awesome to have it on faster stuff like GG or RG.
  • If only Shape Changer: Big Head (1 day) is on the list :3
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    kammishiro wrote: »
    The prizes this time for Kyra event is so bad...any intake from any1 what they think?

    It could see some more prizes, But it is an event and you get extra stuff for doing what you were doing before.

    and no, you are wrong, this kyra is not bad, the last kyra was so broken and stupid
  • LesbianViLesbianVi ✭✭✭✭✭
    when was the last time you people were happy about any rewards?
    edited October 2017
    They want to observe the markets of enchanting materials this early in the patch; chill with asking for them in events this early. It would be more constructive to remind EME what mats you are short of every now and then, or you see that is in short supply in general, like probably Silver Talents.
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