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Halloween Screenshot Contest



  • Lightning.Scythe, Fey Forest, Scariest

  • https://imgur.com/a/gs5hv
    "Come, lounge by the fire, read a book.. - Wait, who said that?!?"
    Name: Brightman
    Server: Celestial Hills
    Category: Most Dramatic
  • Readinlots wrote: »
    "Spirits of the Night"

    *Name: Booklover
    *Server: Celestial Hills
    *Categorie: Most Halloweeny

    Haha, I saw you standing there! I ran by thinking, hm.. they are probably taking photos for the contest.
    XR6K3DA5D7 wrote: »
    Name: Yankuna
    Server: Celestial Hills
    Category: Scariest

    Just a question, did you happen to photoshop this with the blood splatters on it? If so, that is against the rules.
  • Bd5idjL.jpg

    Name: Sitha
    Server: Fey Forest
    Category: Most Dramatic
  • KuroizatoKuroizato ✭✭
    edited October 2017
    https://ibb.co/m4RY36 "Join us on dark side, we got candy" :p

    Name : Kuroizato.Kaoru

    Server : Fey Forest

    Category : Most Dramatic

  • Wya6Uhx.jpg
    Fall of Laughter.

    Name: Aria.Valkyria
    Server: Ascension Valley
    Category: Scariest
  • BlackHanekawaBlackHanekawa ✭✭
    edited October 2017
    "Hey wait!! Don't run away from this small Injection!"


    Name: Black.Hanekawa
    Server: Fey Forest
    Category: Funniest
  • HakoHHakoH
    edited October 2017
    <3 "All of this candy is mine! Muahaha!"
    <3 Name: Lana.Cloud
    <3 Server: Celestial Hills
    <3 Category: Cutest
  • edited October 2017

    I've sent a gift to everyone. I've sliced the color into four. I named them winter, spring, summer and autumn."
    Name: Bailin
    Server: Tempest Reach
    Catergory: Cutest
  • edited October 2017
    " Be my guest! "
    Name: Tobias.X
    Server: Tempest Reach
    Category: Most Haloweeny

  • Big love! <3


    Name: Ciriminis
    Server: Fey Forset
    Categorie: Cutuest
  • edited October 2017
    The Dark Side of the Pumpkin
    This screenshot would not have been possible without my awesome guildmate Marshie!! Thank you!

    Character: Major.Chaos
    Server: Celestial Hills
    Category: Most Halloweeny
  • "Hey wait!! Don't run away from this small Injection!"


    Name: Black.Hanekawa
    Server: Fey Forest
    Category: Funniest

    Chiyo \o/
  • SD3gR5Y.png

    Trick o' Treat! Guess who's coming to your door!
    Name: Jesuschrist
    Server: MT
    Category: Funniest
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