Cosplaying at game '~'

Hello frends '~'
every time, we ( the weebs ) try to make characters who looks an anime character, so i had an idea to make one thread about ~


character name in game: Kud from MT server
character anime name: Hideri from Blend S

share some cosplay in game on this Thread o/


  • This boy is very kawaii, Blend S was a very fun anime to watch... Elin became kawaii also, I want to do the cosplay of Koutarou Araki from Denpa kyoushi in my Elin one day ...11498-346206138.png


    anime character name : Toga Himiko from Boku no Hero Academia
    in game name : Himineko
    server : FF

    a Toga filled full with blood is a happy Toga <3
    adores her >w<
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