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High Latency for Comcast Players 7 EST - 11 EST



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    To me, it feels like there has been extra lag than normal since Halloween day, so about 7 days straight so far. As someone who never gets disconnects, last Thurs./Fri. and yesterday I had multiple disconnects from the server in the same day. I don't have data info to verify, just wanted to share this spike in instability with others.

    EDIT: I use AT%T U-Verse within the U.S.A., and none of my other online games/internet browsing sessions have had the same problems as trying to play Tera this past week.
  • Sparky12Sparky12 ✭✭
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    Same here. I am also on Comcast and I live in Chicago really close to the datacenter. Usually I have about 15-30 ping in game. Last few evenings it has been jumping to 120-130.
  • VunakVunak ✭✭✭
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    There have been mass DDOS attacks happening across the US. It wouldn't surprise me that TERA is being affected by them in some way. There was also a Level 3 configuration issue that was going on that could of been a large reason for lag happening with TERA.
  • Please EME any feedback on the server lag problems for these past 3 days now that me and my friends have been experiencing?

    Do something please... It's getting really annoying.
  • I and a handful of friends on MT were kicked off the server briefly 10 mins ago (4:55 est about). Could log back in right away, but people were complaining in global for being kicked off the game for no reason.
  • #savvisrules
  • its all servers it started last night! That server "upgrade" though
  • xirik wrote: »
    its all servers it started last night! That server "upgrade" though

    It seems to be a routing problem with Savvis, honestly. There have been a lot of issues with MMO connectivity over the last few days, with multiple DDoS attacks and outages. It's a real fine mess.
  • aaaaaand crashed again :^) with some spicy lag
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    Lynxzer wrote: »
    aaaaaand crashed again :^) with some spicy lag

    Could you post your traceroute to diag.enmasse.com to help confirm the problematic node?

    1. Press Start
    2. Type "cmd" and press Enter
    3. In the window that appears, type "tracert diag.enmasse.com" and press Enter.
    4. Either take a screenshot of the result, or copy/paste (using right-click -> Mark -> highlight the text -> right-click). You can omit or hide the first few lines.

    Edit: Here's an example of what I get, although I don't have the problem:

    6 33 ms 32 ms 34 ms nyc2-brdr-01.inet.qwest.net []
    7 30 ms 31 ms 34 ms
    8 31 ms 31 ms 31 ms cr2-xe-9-2-3.jfk2.savvis.net []
    9 47 ms 46 ms 47 ms cr2-te-0-1-0-1.chd.savvis.net []
    10 47 ms 47 ms 49 ms cr1-tengig-0-0-2-0.chicago.savvis.net []
    11 44 ms 44 ms 44 ms
    12 45 ms 44 ms 44 ms
    13 44 ms 45 ms 44 ms
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  • All servers are fuckedddd..... I cant play i get constant freezes and dc every 20 min.... been like this the entire day. Since the "migration".
  • RapunzzelRapunzzel ✭✭
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    WTF is wrong with this [filtered]?
    Ive been trying to play all this [filtered] week, but it just let me be me online for like 15 damn minutes before i get disconected,
    So anyone know whats the problem? I just have this problem with Tera.

  • #savvisrules
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