White screen to crash

On 11/10/17 I downloaded this game off of steam, and it worked fine the game was great even though I was still in the tutorial and I was having a blast. Then the next day 11/11/17 I tried getting on again but this time I pressed play it showed a white screen and it crashed. I retried launching it several times but it would not work. I tried several things to fix it several times like
-Restarting my computer
-Redownloading the game
-Cleaning out all previous gamecards (with driver fusion)
-Redownloading gamecards
-Pressing fix the game in the launcher
-Download from the Tera website (took more time :/)
-Cleared more room on my hard drive (right now I have 120gb free space)
-Disabled my anti-virus
Those are all the fixes I can think of.
The specs on my pc are pretty good.
-Intel Core i7-7700K Cpu @ 420GHz
-Ram 16GB
-Windows 10
-1.5 terabyte memory (split into two cards)
If anyone is able too can you please help me fix the problem I really want to get into this game.


  • I wanted to contact support the closest one to mine they had is WITH a crash report and mine did not have a crash report :/
  • Why not download the direct download one? Just download it, log in, wait for download, and patching to finish. I always have some music playing on REPEAT to prevent my computer from sleeping.
  • Is there a way to make it download faster because on steam it takes a hour on the direct it takes 7 hours based on estimated and the direct download is from this website right?
  • So I downloaded the direct download version and it still has the same problem
  • I ended up restarting my computer redownloading direct launcher but it still does not work -.-
  • counterpointcounterpoint ✭✭✭✭✭
    I would definitely contact support anyway, even if you can't find the perfect category.

    My guess is that the setting reset on Saturday's patch messed something up, and now it's somehow not able to load the game on your monitor in fullscreen. I might try to press Alt+Enter once the game launches to see if you can make it go in a window, but it depends on if it crashes before that. Otherwise, Support would probably be able to tell you which settings to edit to have the game at least load.
  • It's a resolution error, have confirmed, my monitor native res is 1920 x 1080 and the highest TERA can go is 1600 x 1024; put your screen resolution down then you'll be able to start the game and change the in game resolution--after the in game res is set you can change your monitor back to original. Have fun!
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